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Madras Notebook 1833

I bought a small red leather pocket notebook at auction and was curious to find out more about the original owner. He appearded to have given the notebook to his wife a year later as there was an inscripton inside that said " J. Symons Lieut 18th Regt, Received 2d Feb '3 to Harriet Jan 8th 1834."
It was the lovely poem (see below) I found hidden inside the cover of the notebook written by J. Symons to Harriet on their first wedding anniversary that made me want to find out more about them.
After a visit to the Oriental & India Office Reading Rooms at the British Library, London I have found that J. Symons full name was John Symons. He was born 16 Nov 1802 and married Harriet Wingrove (European Spinster) at Salem, Madras 20 June 1833. John was commanding a detatchment of the 17th N.I. at Salem at the time of marriage. It was interesting to note that the three people present at the wedding, Richard Rickards, Henry Gibbon and Elizabeth Graham, were mentioned in the diary section of John's notebook. Harriet was born in 1817. Unfortunately John died 24 March 1835 at Salem, Madras two years after writing the notebook amd marrying Harriet. Harriet died many years later on 8 Jan 1883.
Update 28 February 2004
Since putting this information online about a year ago I have been contacted by someone descended from Henry Gibbon Graham, who is mentioned in the diary. This caused me to do a little more investigation. The person that contacted me mentioned that Henry Gibbon Graham's mother was also a Wingrove and that their family has always named their home Keynsham, which is also Harriet's place of birth. I thought I would update the site with what I have since found from contacts, online information & India Office Records in the hope that someone may be able to provide the missing link that I believe links the Wingrove & Graham families.
I have also listed some entries from the notebook below that I though might prove interesting or useful to people.

Descendants of William Wingrove

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM1 WINGROVE was born 1781 in Keynsham, Somerset, and died 1832.  He married ELIZA RICH 22 October 1812 in Taunton, Somerset.


                   i.       WILLIAM ARCHIBALD2 WINGROVE.

                  ii.       FRANCES CATHERINE WINGROVE.

                 iii.       HARRIET WILKINS WINGROVE, b. 1817, Keynsham, Somerset, England; d. 8 January 1883; m. JOHN SYMONS, 20 June 1833, Salem, Madras.

                 iv.       ELIZA WINGROVE.

                  v.       CAROLINE FOREMAN WINGROVE, b. 1821, Keynsham, Somerset, England; d. 1881, Barton Regis, Gloucestershire; m. FREDERICK MOLE, 18 March 1837, Salem, Madras.

                 vi.       WILLIAM RICH WINGROVE.

                vii.       MATILDA WINGROVE, b. 1825, Keynsham, Somerset, England; d. 1902, Keynsham, Somerset.

               viii.       CLARE MARTHA WINGROVE, d. 1852, Keynsham, Somerset.

                  ix.       CHARLES SYMONS WINGROVE, b. Abt. 1829, Keynsham, Somerset.

                x.                HENRY VIVIAN WINGROVE, b. Abt. 1831, Keynsham, Somerset.

Tu 1 Jan - At Dindigul
Tu 8 Jan - Major Alves left Dindigul to go to the Nilgerries
Sa 12 Jan - Went on a picnic to Kotapilly
Tu 15 Jan - Returned to Dindigul
Fr 13 Jan - Pay issued
Th 31 Jan - Major Alves returned from the Nilgerries
Fr 1 Feb - The Mess gave a dinner to the married Officers of the Corps - Ensign Jackson went to the Nilgerries
M 4 Feb - Captain Deacon died
Th 7 Feb - My Company out at ball practice
Sa 9 Feb - Left Dindigul for Salem - at Dadasundoor at night at Tadacombes-o during the day
Sun 10 Feb - At Andyputty
M 11 Feb - At Pootumboor chaultry at night - at Avaracastchy during the day
Tu 12 Feb - At Carood in the morng - Mooganood at night
W 13 Feb - At Nameul at night
Th 14 Feb Moonoo Chowry in the morng - Malloor at night
Fr 15 Feb - Arrived at Salem. Dined at  Dr Graham's
Sa 16 Feb - Dined at Ogilvies
M 18 Feb - Dined at Ogilvies
Tu 19 Feb - Dined at M Bannerman's
W 20 Feb - Dined at Ogilvies
Th 21 Feb - Capt Deacon's sale commenced. Dined at Mr Rickards
Fr 22 Feb - Dined at Mr Rickard's
Sun 24 Feb - Ogilvie and Rickard's dine here
M 25 Feb - Dined at Mr Ogilvie's
Tu 26 Feb - Ogilvie and Rickards supped here
Th 28 Feb - Dined at Rickards
Fr 1 Mar - Muster - Ogilvie and Rickards dined here
Sa 2 Mar - Ogilvie and Rickards supped here
M 4 Mar - Dined at Ogilvies
Tu 5 Mar - Went to a Native feast
W 6 Mar - Dined at Rickard's
Th 7 Mar - Ogilvie dined here
Fr 8 Mar - Dined at Mr Bannerman's
Sa 9 Mar -Ogilvie and Rickard's supped here
M 11 Mar - Ogilvie and Rickard's dined here
Tu 12 Mar - Dined at Rickard's
W 13 Mar - Ogilvie and Rickard's dined here
Th 14 Mar - Dined at  Rickard's
Fr 15 Mar - Rickard's dined here
Sa 16 Mar - Pay issued *
Sun 17 Mar - Ogilvie and Rickard's breakfasted here. Dined at Rickard's
Tu 19 Mar - Spent the day at Rickard's
W 20 Mar - Rickard's dined here. Detacht arrived from Madras
M 25 Mar - Rickard's breakfasted here. Parade
Tu 26 Mar - Dined at Rickard's
W 27 Mar - Dined at Bannerman's
Th 28 Mar - Rickard's dined here
Fr 29 Mar - Dined at Rickard's
Sa 30 Mar - Parade
Sun 31 Mar - Rickard's spent the day here. Detachment arrived from Bangalore
M 1 Apr - Drill. Spent the day at Rickard's
Tu 2 Apr - Rickard's dined here. Supped at Fischer's
W 3 Apr - Captain Glover breakfasted here. Dined at Dr Graham's
Th 4 Apr - Dined at Rickard's
Fr 5 Apr - Ogilvie and Rickard's dined here. Went to a Native feast
Sa 6 Apr - Dined at Rickard's
Su 7 Apr - Ogilvie, Rickard's and Fischer dined here
M 8 Apr - Dined at Rickard's
Tu 9 Apr - Dined at Rickard's
W 10 Apr - Parade. Rickard's dined here
Th 11 Apr  - Dined at Rickard's
Fr 12 Apr - Rickard's dined here
Sa 13 Apr - Drill. Dined at Fischer's
Su 14 Apr - Dined at Rickard's. Lieut Fisher arrived. Pay issued. Christie went in the country
M 15 Apr - Fisher spent the day here
Tu 16 Apr - Drill
Th 18 Apr - Dined at Fischer's-o
Sa 20 Apr - Dined at Bannerman's - Banners
Sun 21 Apr - Christie came back. Dined at Rickard's
M 22 Apr - Dined at Bannerman's
Th 25 Apr - Dined at Bannerman's
Fr 26 Apr - Rickard's and Mr Gilurne dined here
Sa 27 Apr - Dined at Rickard's
Su 28 Apr - Spent the day at Rickard's
M 29 Apr - Rickard's and Mr Gilurne dined here

W 1 May - Muster. Detachment arrived from Bangalore
Fr 3 May - Dined at Rickard's. Went to live at Hargrave's house
Sa 4 May - Dined at Ogilvie's
Su 5 May - Rickard's breakfasted here. Dined at Rickard's
M 6 May - Dined at Ogilvie's
Tu 7 May - Dined at Ogilvie's
W 8 May - Rickard's and self give a dinner to all the people in Salem
Th 9 May - Rickard's dined here
Fr 10 May - Dined at Rickard's
Sa 11 May - Rickard's dined here
Su 12 May - Dined at Christie's
M 13 May - Rickard's breakfasted here. Dined at Rickard's
Tu 14 May - Dined at Rickard's. Parade
W 15 May - Pay issued. Dined at Rickard's
Th 16 May - Dined at Rickard's
Fr 17 May - Dined at Rickard's
Sa 18 May - Dined at Rickard's
Sun 19 May - Rickard's spent the day here
M 20 May - Dined at Rickard's. Drill
Tu 21 May - Rickard's breakfasted here.
W 22 May - Spent the day at Rickard's
Th 23 May - Rickard's breakfasted here.  Dined at Rickard's
Fr 24 May - Rickard's breakfasted here.  Dined at Rickard's
Sa 25 May - Breakfasted at Rickard's. Rickard's dined here
Su 26 May - Ogilvie dined here. Dined at Ogilvie's
M 27 May - Spent the day at Rickard's
Tu 28 May - Rickard's breakfasted here. Dined at Ogilvie's
W 29 May - Dined at Rickard's
Th 30 May - Dined at Fischer's
Fr 31 May - At Oomaloor at a picnic
Sa 1 Jun - Do
Su 2 Jun - Do
M 3 Jun - Spent the day at Rickard's
Tu 4 Jun - Ogilvie, Rickard's and Christie dined hero
W 5 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
Th 6 Jun - Ogilvie and Rickard's dined here
Fr 7 Jun - Dined at Bannerman's
Sa 8 Jun - Dined at Rickard's. Parade
Su 9 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
Tu 11 Jun - Dined at Rickard's
W 12 Jun - Ogilvie, Rickard's, Christie and Hamond dined here
Th 13 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
Fr 14 Jun - Dined at Rickard's
Sa 15 Jun - Dined at Fischer's
Su 16 Jun - Dined at Graham's
M 17 Jun - Dined at Rickard's
Tu 18 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
W 19 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
Th 20 Jun - Dined at Bannerman's
Fr 21 Jun - Dined at Fischer's
Sa 22 Jun - Dined at Rickard's
Su 23 Jun - Dined at Christie's
Tu 25 Jun - Dined at Ogilvie's
W 26 Jun - My Wedding Day
M 1 Jul - Muster
Tu 2 Jul - The Graham's dined with us
W 3 Jul - We dined at Fischer's
Fr 5 Jul - We dined at Ogilvie's
Sa 6 Jul - Went to Lankerydrooz
Tu 9 Jul - Returned from Lankerydrooz
Th 11 Jul - Ogilvie and Christie dine with us
Fr 12 Jul - We dine at Bannerman's
Sa 13 Jul - We dine at Ogilvie's
Su 14 Jul - Ogilvie and Mr Nahab dine with us
M 15 Jul - Collins supped with us. Parade
W 17 Jul - Dr Graham dined with us. Rickard's supped here
Th 18 Jul - Rickard's breakfasted with us
Fr 19 Jul - Drill
Sa 20 Jul - Mr Bannerman and Dr Graham dined with us
M 22 Jul - Rickard's supped with us
Tu 23 Jul - We dined at Bannerman's. Russell arrived
W 24 Jul - Rickard's dined with us
Th 25 Jul - We dined at Rickard's
Fr 26 Jul - Collins spent the day here. Popham arrived
Sa 27 Jul - Popham and Christie dined here
Su 28 Jul - Popham, Fischer, Rickard's, Collins and Christie supped here. Russell went away
Tu 30 Jul - We supped at Fischer's
W 31 Jul - Rickard's and Christie dined with us
M 5 Jul - We dined at Bannerman's
Th 8 Jul - Rickard's and Christie dined with us
Sa 10 Jul - Popham and Fischer dined with us
Su 11 Jul - We dined at Bannerman's
Tu 13 Jul - Pay issued. Rickards breakfasted with us
W 14 Jul - We dined at Rickard's
Th 15 Jul - We went up the Sheveray hills to Ogilvie's
Fr 16 Jul - Went Bison shooting
Sa 17 Jul - Went Bison shooting
Sa 31 Jul - Went to Salem. Dined at Rickards
Su 1 Sep - Muster. Dined at Bannerman's
M 2 Sep - Went up the Sheveray hills
Su 15 Sep - Went to Salem
M 16 Sep - Dined at Rickard's. Pay issued
Tu 17 Sep - Went up the Sheveray hills
Th 26 Sep - Dined at Popham's
Sa 28 Sep - Went to Salem
Su 29 Sep - Ogilvie and Christie dined with us
M 30 Sep - Rickard's dined with us
Tu 1 Oct - Parade. Jackson arrived and put up with us.
Th 3 Oct - We dined at Bannerman's. Parade.
Fr 4 Oct - We dined at Ogilvie's
Su 6 Oct - Liordet Ogilvie and Fischer dined with us
M 7 Oct - Jackson went to the Sheveray Hills
Th 10 Oct - We dined at Ogilvie's
Fr 11 Oct - Jackson came down the hills
Sa 12 Oct - Christie dined with us. Jackson went to Dindigul
M 14 Oct - Pay issued
Sa 19 Oct - We dined at Ogilvie's
Su 20 Oct - Ogilvie dined with us. Went to the Dufoera feast
M 21 Oct - We dined at Ogilvie's
W 23 Oct - We dined at Bannerman's
Fr 25 Oct - Ogilvie and Mole supped with us
M 28 Oct - Ogilvie dined with us. Parade
W 30 Oct - We dined at Bannerman's
Fr 1 Nov - Muster
Su 3 Nov - Graham dined here
Th 7 Nov - The Graham's came down the hills and put up with us
Sa 9 Nov - We dined at Bannerman's
M 11 Nov - We dined at Ogilvie's
Tu 12 Nov - Received 54 bottles of beer from Trichinopoly
Th 14 Nov - Received 1/2 a doz of brandy
Sa 16 Nov -( Roky or Polly) birth day. Christie breakfasted with us. Bannerman and Ogilvie dined with us. Pay issued.
Tu 19 Nov - Rickards came back from Madras
W 20 Nov - Rickards dined with us
M 25 Nov - Christie breakfasted with us
W 4 Dec - We dined at Bannerman's
Th 12 Dec - Received one 1/2 dozn of beer
Sa 14 Dec - Ogilvie dined with us
Su 15 Dec - We went up the Sheveray hills
Tu 17 Dec - Went down to Salem
W 18 Dec - Parade. Returned to the hills
Tu 24 Dec - The Babingtons came up the hills
W 25 Dec - We dined at the Babington's
Th 26 Dec - Mrs Babington dined at Ogilvie's
Tu 31 Dec - Went down to Salem. Dined at Rickard's

 Descendants of William Gibbon Graham

Generation No. 1

1.  WILLIAM GIBBON1 GRAHAM.  He married (1) FRANCIS YALLOP 16 November 1789 in Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England.  He married (2) ELIZABETH BARNEY Bef. 1792.  He married (3) MARTHA WINGROVE 26 October 1801 in Saint Vedast Foster Lane And Saint Michael Le Querlo, London.  He married (4) JANE CHAPMAN Bef. 1807.


                   i.       DAVID GIBBON2 GRAHAM, b. 6 June 1792; d. 6 August 1793.


Christening: 10 June 1792, Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk


                  ii.       HENRY GIBBON2 GRAHAM, b. 21 August 1802; d. 16 July 1865; m. ELIZABETH.


Christening: 22 August 1802, Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England

                 iii.       FRANCES GRAHAM, b. 1 October 1803; d. 28 October 1803.


Christening: October 1803, Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk


                 iv.       WILLIAM GIBBON2 GRAHAM, b. 21 September 1808.

                  v.       DAVID GIBBON GRAHAM, b. 10 April 1807.


Christening: 19 April 1807, Saint Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk

Harriet Symons
her affectionate husband

Who with her little smiling face,
Twelve months ago with simple grace,
Within anyown her hand did place -
    My Wife!
Who by my side in spotless white
That day did stand her troth to plight,
And cheer me with Love's softest light -
    My Wife!
Who on that thrice, thrice happy day,
To me those sweetest words did say,
"To love, to cherish, and obey" -
    My Wife!
When past that service, most divine,
Who gently pressed her lips to mine,
Wnilst round her waist my arms did twine -
    My Wife!
And now one year has past away,
Again returns that happy day,
When those blest words I first did say.
    My Wife!
And dearly have those twelve months past,
Each day as happy as the last -
No cares have yet our sky or cast -
    My Wife!
And oh! that every future year,
May be like this as free from care,
Shall be your loving husband's prayer.
    My wife!
June 26th 

Place of Residence of Gentleman
Annesley, J - Anderson's Gardens
Ashton, W - Mount road
Arbuthnot, A.F - Adyar
Arbuthnot, J -
Atkinson, Henry - Poonamallee road
Alexander, J. Lieut - Fort
Atkinson, Captain - Pantheon road
Barron, R. Captain, Government House
Bird, G - Dunmore House, Tanampett
Bayfield G.T - Fort
Baille, James T.- Kilpauk
Bainbridge, J - Armenian Street
Bannerman, R.A - Near Mowbray Gardens
Bannister, W - Poonamallee road
Benza, P.A. - Government House
Barrow, Joseph - Near Sir Henry Gwillim's Garden, St Thome
Bathie, W - Adyar
Binny, W - Colonel Morison's Garden, Nungumbaukum
Burnes, W.N. Captain, Pantheon road
Baynes, C.R. - Nungumbaukum
Boyd, M - Pursewaukum
Brown, W - St Thome
Brooke, A - Near Mr McKerrell's Garden, Nungumbaukum
Butterworth, W.J. Capt. - Yeldham's, Mowbray road
Beauchamp - Tanampett
Bruere, J.G.S. - Mount road
Bradford, W.J. Major - Mount road
Cadell, G. Lieut. Col. - Mount road
Cator, Peter - St Thome
Chase, M.C. Capt. - Near Anderson's Bridge
Chamier, H. - Tanampet, Mount road
Clerk, Robert -  Near Anderson's Bridge
Comyn, Sir R.B. Kt. - Sir James Home's Garden near the Cenotaph
Conway, T.B.A. - Guindy
Cooper, Leonard - Nungumbaukum
Conolly, H.V. - Quibble Island
Crawford, S - Nungumbaukum, Dicks road
Crisp, J.H. Major - At Royapettah, near Tanjore Commissioner's Office
Cubbon, M. Lieut. Col. - Mr Poe's Garden, near St George's Church
Clulow, J - Kilpauk
Cullen, W. Lieut. Colonel - Chetpet road
Daniel, Thomas - Near the Observatory
Dare, J.W. - Amunjeecary, Poonamallee road
Denton, R.A. Rev. - Male Asylum
Durand, H. Colonel - St Thome
Dunlop, Anthony - Adyar river
Davies, T.H. - Nungumbaukum
Elliott, D - Nungumbaukum, Dick's road
Elliot, E.F. - On the bank of the Adyar, Kilpauk
Elliot, W - Kilpauk
Fearon, R.B. Colonel C.B. - Poonamallee road
Fauquier, F - Near Mowbray Gardens
Fleming, H. S.M.D - Castellet, Mount road
Ffrench, M - Near Alvarpett, Mowbray road
Fullerton, J.Y. - Mount road, near Cenotaph
Fitzgerald, Lieutenant - Comdr. in Chief's Garden
Garrard, W. Lieutenant - Perembore
Gordon, C.P. - Vepery
Gordon, E - Myrtle Grove, Royapettah
Grant, P - Nungumbaukum
Haig, J.R. Captain  - Flower's Garden, Kilpauk
Hall, J.S. - Kilpauk
Hanson, J. Lieut. Col. - Hanson's Garden
Harris, Chas. Hon. - Near the College
Harris, William - Beach
Harris, G.A. - Mowbray road
Hart, W - Egmore
Hay, J - Near Commander in Chief's Bridge
Hitchins, B.R. Major - Dick's road
Hudleston, W - Mount road
Hudleston, J.A. - Mount road
Hodges, H.W. Major - Government House
Harper, H. Rev. - London's Garden, Poonamallee road
Home, Sir James Bart - Cenotaph, Mount road
Lane, Thomas Moore - Dent's Garden, Eye-Infirmary
Lawder, James - Poonamallee road
Line, John - Pursewaukum
Lovell, E.C. - Pantheon road
Lushington, C.M. - Tanampet, Mount road
Lys, George - Poonamallee road
Leggatt, W. Lieutenant  - Vepery near the Church
Lavie, T. Lieutenant - Pantheon road
Limond, D.R. - Poonamallee road
Limond, T.K. Captain - Fort
Maclean, T. Lieut. Col. - Near Commdr. in Chief's Bridge
Macdonnell, AE.R. - Near Mowbray Gardens
Maitland, R.A. - Mount road
Moberly, H. Captain - Nungumbaukum, Dick's road
Montgomerie, D. Captain - Poodoopett road, near Colonel Marshall's Garden
Moore, George - Near Anderson's Bridge
Moorat, Edward - Mount road
Moorat, J.S. - Near Nungumbaukum
Mortimer, W. Dr. - General Hospital
Morris, J.C. - Nungumbaukum
Maclean, T. Lieutenant  - Government House
Napier, J. Lieut. Col. - Near Kurkatah Covil, Nungumbaukum
O'Connell, G. Captain - Fort
Ouchterlony, J. - Royapettah
Oliver, W. Hon -Adyar river
O'Neill, T - Dispensary, Mount road
Orme, F - Royapettah
Owen, T - Poonamallee road, Baker's Garden
Owen, A.M. - Guindy
Onslow, A.P. - Guindy
Palmer, Sir R. Kt. - Mowbray Gardens
Porter, R.T. - Adyar river
Power, H. Captain - Poonamallee road
Pugh, Joseph - Adyar river
Poe, Reverend - Poonamallee road
Robertson, A. - Spur Tank, near Dick's Bridge
Rowlandson, M.J. Capt. - College
Russell, G.E. - Nungumbaukum
Reynolds, James - Royapettah
Russell, F.W. - Tanjore Commr.'s Office
Rowlandson, A - Mount road
Sam, Seth - St Thome
Savage, John - Near Marray's Garden, Tanampet
Scott, J - Mount road
Sevestre, Sir T. K.T.S. - Mount road
Sewell, W.H. Colonel - Mount road, Near Tanampet
Sim, D. Major - Pantheon road
Simpson, W.H. Lieut - Royapettah
Stirling, L.H. - Pantheon road
Strachan, J. M.D. - Vepery
Strahan, W. Major - Royapettah
Stuart, W.H. Rev. - Poonamallee road
Smith, J. Rev. - Royapooram
Stonhouse, T.V. - Sullivan's Garden, Royapettah
Spring, F. Rev. - Luz
Stephenson, S.M. - Jarrett's Garden, Spur Tank
Taylor, T.J. Lieutenant - Near the College
Teed, Thomas - Near the College
Teed, Charles - Chetpet
Turnbull, J.G. - Adyar
Tulloch, A. Major - Near Anderson's Bridge
Tyler, G. - Patullo's Garden, Buffalow Square
Taylor, C. Captain - Gun Carriage Manufactory
Taylor, J.C. - Near the college
Taylor, T.G. - Observatory
Viveash, Oriel - Mount road
Underwood, W.E. - Poonamallee road
Wardrop, A. - Kilpauk
Webb, N - Beach
Whannell, P. Major - Poonamallee road, opposite Scotch Church
Wilkins, J.H. - Kilpauk
White, H. Captain - Haliburton's Garden, Pantheon road
Wilkins, W.W. - Octagon House, Vepery

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