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Passenger Lists

On this page I will list various passenger lists that I come across. These lists come from a variety of sources - mainly passengers lists that I have in my possession, directories at the British Library Oriental & India Office Collection (OIOC) Reading Rooms or Ships Logs also at OIOC.

This list of passengers is taken from the "Bombay Calendar and Register 1817"

Arrivals from Europe 1816


Cpt Thomas Anderson, Mrs Anderson & Child
Miss Mary Moore, Miss Dora Moore
Miss Arabella Robinson
Mr C.B. Darby
Mr W. Fleetwood
Mr J. Kemp
Mr Thomas Grant


Mr Beck
H.C.S. Cabalva
Mr Reade & Mr Stubbs, writers
Mr Pollock - Assistant Surgeon

Upton Castle

Mr Wybrow, 17th Dragoons, Mrs Wybrow
2 Miss Goodheys
Byrom Rowles Esq
Assistant Surgeon Hall; from the Cape

H.C. Ship Lady Melville

Mrs Backhouse
Miss Cath. Baynes
Miss A.S. Anderson
Capt McNeil
Lieutenant Gravenor
Cornet Backhouse 17th Dragoons
Lieutenant Mahon 47th Regiment of Foot
Ensign Fenier
Ensign Watts
Assistant Surgeon McGregor & Radford 56th Regt of Foot
Ensign Newhouse 65th Reg of Foot
Danderson Bell, Assistant Surgeon
Mr John Morris & Mr John Reed, Free Mariners

H.C. Ship Marquis Huntly

Major Dunbar
Lieutenant Manson
Messrs Alexander Bell, Arth. Crawford and E.E. Elliot, writers

H.C. Ship Cumberland

Captain Byers
Mr Rodgers, cadet
Mr Whiteside, Free Mariner

H.C. Ship Castle Huntley

Major General Browne
Capt Browne, Aid de Camp
Capt Meall and Lady
Capt Lewis and Lady
Mr Alderton, Free Mariner

H.C. Ship Marquis of Ely

Mr W. Bruce, writer
Mr W. Frazer, Asst Sugeon
Mr R. Grasspole, 2nd officer of Buckinghamshire
Mr B. Shelly, Free Mariner
Mr A. Grant, Free Mariner
Mr A. Pelly, Free Mariner
Mr T. Boyce, Free Mariner
Mr G. Goreham, Free Mariner


Mr William Forbes, Free Mariner
Mr C. Jolliffe, , Free Mariner
Mr G.S. Cooper, cadet

Lord Castlereagh

Mrs Robinson
Miss Rawlins
Rev. John Robinson
Rev. J Rawlins
Capt Gravesnor
Mr Man, R.N.
Mr Lynden, Free Mariner
Mr Richards, Free Mariner
Mr Faucell, Free Mariner
Mr Simpson, writer
Mrs Hunt & child


Lieutenant R. Guille, Madras est
Lieut James McCullum, Bombay est
Mr William Brown, Free Mariner

Earl  of Buckinghamshire

Mr Ritchie, Free Merchant
Mrs McNiel, Mr McNiel, Assistant Surgeon


Revd J. Horner, wife and child,
Mr Thomas Crawford, Free Mariner

H.C.'s Extra Ship Alexander

Captain Woodhouse, M.C. Mrs Woodhouse, Miss  Woodhouse , Miss E Woodhouse
Captain Mitton
Lieut. De Burgh, HM 47th Regiment
Mr Athill, Cadet Engineers
Mr Law,Cadet Artillery
Mr Pinkey, Assist. Surgeon
Mr Williamson, writer
Mr Wensiey, Free Mariner

H.C. Extra Ship Ann

Miss Grenwalla
Major Warren, HM 65th Regt
J Vibart Esq
Mr R J Affleck
Mr J Taylor
Mr G Bladen
MC Bladen


Mrs Yeats
Lieutenant Noton, Bengal Infantry
Rowland Allport Esq
Mr Wren, Free Mariner


Captain and Mrs Egan

Taken from the Passenger List for the S.S. "Peninsular,"
Capt. W.B. PALMER, R.N.R.
Leaving Bombay on 7th October 1903
Almeida, Mr. Geo.
Blackwood, Mr J.R.
Bridgeford, Major R.
Brophy, Mr J.P.
Close, Major J.K.
Cornellins, Miss.
Cowasjee Hormusji, Mr.
Crosthwaite, Mr C.G.
Dalton, Mr B.
Dalton, Miss.
Furnivall, Capt. C.H.
Furnivall, Mrs., and infant.
Geake, Mr and Mrs.
Graeme, Lieut-Col and Mrs F.J.
Hammond, Mr E.L.I.
Harker, Mr T.H.
Hood, Mr J.
Inman, Mr
Jack, Rev.
Langdon, Mr
Lecky, Lieut-Col. F.B.
Lees, Mr G.
Lester, Rev. and Mrs H., child and infant.
May, Mrs H.S.
Mayer, Mr
Nusserwanji Jamsetji, Mr
Nusserwanji Rustomji, Mr
Piggott, Mr F.
Reid, Mr
Rogers, Mr D.
Satar, Mr A.
Stephens, Mr and Mrs., and two Misses Stephens
Thomson, Mr H.
Warleigh, Mr L.G.

Passengers aboard the Indiaman "Atlas" departing Gravesend 7 Feb 1819 for Calcutta. Taken from the Ships Log

11th Light Dragoons

Lt. Col J.W.    Sleigh  C.B.   
Captain W.      Smith
Captain S.R.    Rotten
Captain W.      Blundell
Lieut.  James   Moore
Lieut.  Alan    Chambre
Lieut.  G.A.    Anson
Lieut.  Geo     Williamson
Lieut.  L.M.    Cooper
Cornet  H.D.    Shore
Cornet  W.W.    Bishop
Cornet  C.S.    Malet
Cornet          Patridge
Pay Mr.         Nolan
Adjutant        Geo.    Butcher
Surgeon Chas.   O'Neally
Asst.Sur.       Jno.    Harcourt
Serj.Maj.       Thos.   Simpson
Serjeant        Chas.   Dickson
Serjeant        John    Hinkworth
Serjeant        John    Oliver
Serjeant        Rich.   Kilner
Corporal        Timy    Rhodes
Corporal        Jas.    Adamson
Corporal        Rich.   Barnes
Corporal        Thos.   Draycott
Private Edwd    Llewellyn
Private Will.   Miller
Private Will.   Baldwin
Private Edwd    Membry
Private Philip  Parker
Private Sam.    Shackells
Private Will.   Grahame
Corporal        Will.   Nicolas
Private Benj.   Beecham
Private Will.   Benwell
Private Alex    Wilson
Private Chas.   Burville
Private Fras.   Dickman
Private James   Moss
Private John    Hazle
Private John    Eastwood
Private John    James
Private Rich.   Wilkinson
Private Will.   Goustich
Private Thos.   Wright
Private James   Hicks
Private John    Mawson
Private James   Curtis
Private John    Brown
Private Saml.   Parker
Private Will.   Goodear
Private John    Boulger
Private James   Kent
Private John    Major
Private John    Bradley
Private Thos.   Nevenden
Private Joseph  Coombs
Private Rich.   Budd
Private Geo.    Patterson
Private Chr.    Galloway
Private Jesse   Cato
Private Will.   Smith
Private Geo.    Leighton
Private John    Clarke
Private Nathl   Thomson
Private Saml.   Jacobs
Private Will.   Parker
Private Joseph  Coleman
Private Amb     Rodrick
Private Will.   Fox
Private Geo.    Bayley
Private Thos.   Winbourne
Private John    Robinson
Private Ezekiel Freemantle
Private Thos.   Pitt
Private Thos.   Freemantle
Private Charles Earle
Private Henry   Fludd
Private Isaac   Green
Trumpr  Robert  Wheatley
Farrier Will.   Biggins
Serjeants       Fras.   Wood
Corporal        Henry   Whithers
Private Jno     Edinburgh
Private Geo.    Johnson
Private Thos.   Hackney
Private Henry   Kettle
Serj.Maj.       Joseph  Hirst
Serjeant        Edwd.   Kauntze
Serjeant        El.     Hodgkinson
Serjeant        Thos.   Terry
Serjeant        Jno.    Bambrick
Serjeant        Fras.   Wells
Serjeant        Thos.   Barker
Serjeant        James R.        Goose
Trump.Maj       Will    Singer
Corporal        Will    Nicolas
Corporal        Thos.   Laycock
Corporal        John    Smith
Corporal        Will H. Bryan
Private Will    Taylor
Private James   Norris
Private James   Perry
Private John    Poole
Private Charles Green
Private John    Crouther
Private Issac   Hutchins
Private John    Wingrove
Private Saml.   Hampton
Private Thos.   Smith
Private Hugh    Byron
Private James   West
Private Jere    Johnson
Private Will.   Snowball
Private A.      McCumming
Private Will.   Gay
Private John    Howard
Private Rich.   Sharpe
Private Thos.   Fuller
Private Jas.    Millington
Private Philip  Radwick
Private Rich.   Hammer
Private John    Mackrell
Private Chas.   Thomason
Private John    Card
Private John    Standring
Private James   Hitchcock
Private Saml.   Ruckworth
Private Fras.   Macartney
Private Stephen Watson
Private Fras.   Keele
Private Thos.   Jordan
Private Evan    Williams
Private John    Upham
Private Jas.    Oldfield
Private Geo.    Harwood
Private Jos.    Smith
Private Will.   Simpson
Private Rich.   Adamson
Private Thos.   Beckett
Private Peter   Ellison
Private Geo.    Webster
Private John    Buffery
Private Jos.    Townsend
Private Fredk.  Lockner
Private Rich.   Smith
Private Benj.   Watling
Private John    Phelan
Private Will.   Harrison
Private Will.   Hammond
Private Will.   Berrell
Private Thos.   Wells
Private Thos.   Gardener
Private Will    Trotter
Private Benj.   Fieldhouse
Private Benj.   Baker
Trumpr  Henry   Lagus
Private Joseph  Singer
Private John    Henson
Private Rich.   Wiggins
Private Thos.   Crouther
Private Rob.    Foster
Serj.Maj.       James   Barrett
Serjeant        John    Anthony
Serjeant        Thos.   Knowles
Serjeant        Will    Ready
Serjeant        John    James
Corporal        James   Master
Corporal        Robert  Joures
Corporal        H.      Sweetman
Corporal        Thos.   Platts
Private Thos.   Thorn
Private Henry   Breur
Trumpr  Will    Harrison
Private William         Foster
Private Thos.   Bird
Private Will    Merchant
Private John    Crichell
Private Valem    Bambuck
Private Henry   Huband
Private Will    Steele
Private Geo.    Williams
Private Will    Morby
Private David   Paul
Private George  Birks
Private Jos.    Bonell
Private Chas.   Davie
Private Jno     Cundy
Private John    Smith
Private Alex.   Rose
Private Abrahm  Henry
Private Chas.   Pearson
Private Will    Bentley
Private John    West
Private Will    Wooden
Private Steph   Woodward
Private John    Cherry
Private Thos.   Shaw
Private Will    Bush
Private John    Fisher
Private Will    Thompson
Private Thos.   Bisset
Private Jos.    Benfeather
Private Jos.    Minchin
Private John    Allen
Private George  Lowe
Private Saml.   Plant
Private James   Hill
Private Arch.   Moore
Private Thos.   Wilkinson
Private James   Ditton
Private John    Shannon
Private Will    Saunders
Private Rich.   Sharpe
Private Will    Dodd
Private Will    Pitcher
Private Thos.   Seaile
Private Jno.    Tregear
Private Jno.    Bowen
Private Edwd.   Righton
Private Will    Morgan
Farrier James   Harry
Serj.Maj.       Jno.    Bradshaw
Serjeant        James   Widdens
Serjeant        John    Watts
Corporal        Moses   Clarke
Corporal        Thos.   Body
Corporal        Geo.    Glover
Corporal        Edward  Taylor
Trumpeter       James   Bolland
Private Ben     Armitage
Private Geo.    Archard
Private Dennis  Ayliffe
Private Chas.   Banter
Private Will    Baggaley
Private Jos.    Butterworth
Private Saml.   Burton
Private Geo.    Brissenden
Private Jos.    Brown
Private Chas.   Cartwright
Private Henry   Cleaver
Private Thos.   Crouther
Private Jas.    Dudman
Private Will    Dash
Private Thos.   Drummond
Private Robert  Fitton
Private Rich.   Ford
Private Jno     Gardener
Private Jno     Gillman
Private Jno.    Greenaway
Private Ben     Hampton
Private Jos.    Hammond
Private James   Hotes
Private Jos.    Hulms
Private Thos.   Hooker
Private John    JohJnoon
Private James   Jones
Private Will    Jones
Private Fredk.  Knowles
Private John    Lewis
Private Will    Mayor
Private John    McGregor
Private John    Morgan
Private Robt.   Newry
Private Will    Moffat
Private Thos.   Myers
Private John    Newby
Private Geo.    Newbury
Private Henry   Pegg
Private Will    Pachley


Mrs. Francis Stewart
Mrs. Captain Francis Rotten
Miss Mary Anne Blundell
Miss Susan Silence Blundell
Miss Olivia Hickman
Mr. William Parry Oakenden - Writer
John D. Dyke - Cadet
Henry C. Williams  - Cadet
Edward , Evd. Poole - Cadet
James George - Cadet
James W. Dunbar - Cadet
Andrew Armstrong - Native of Bengal
Edward Rushworth, to reside
Henry Atkins - Pilot Service
John Cripps - Pilot Service
John Hawkins, servt to Col. Sleigh
Eliza. - servt. To Mrs. Stewart.

Women Accompanying Troops

Sarah   Simpson
Mary    Oliver
Elizabeth       Kilmer
Mere    Draycott
Catherine       Winbourne
Biddy   Burvill
Susan   Dickson
Martha  Thomson
Deborah Bayley
Ann     Kettle
Sarah   Hirst
Elizabeth       Hodgkinson
Ann     West
Ann     Kauntze
Harriet Byron
Jane    Green
Ann     Harrison
Elizabeth       Logus
Martha  Crouther
Charlotte       Barrett
Ann     Anthony
Sarah   Joures
Ellen   Wilkinson
Sarah   Rose
Mary    Plant
Mary Ann        Henry
Susanna Bradshaw
Susanna Watts
Sarah   Body
Rebecca Greenaway
Betsey  Pashley
Susan   Critchale
Rosetta Trotter

Children Accompanying Troops

Thomas  Simpson  9 yrs old
Eliza  S.       Simpson 18 mths old
George  Oliver  5 yrs old
Mary    Oliver  2 yrs old
Elizabeth       Kilmer  4 yrs old
Sarah   Kilmer  1 yr old
Thomas  Winbourne       3 yrs old
Mary    Winbourne       6 yrs old
Charles Burville        2 yrs old
Eliza   Burville        10 months
Francis         Dickman 3 yrs old
Thomas  Hirst   9 yrs old
Elizabeth       Hodgkinson 2 months     
James   West    8 yrs old
Ann     West    5 yrs old
Elizabeth       West    18 mths old
George  Kauntze 13 yrs old
Fredk   Kauntze        -
Henry   Kauntze 9 yrs old
Matilda Kauntze 7 yrs old
Sophia  Kauntze 18 mths old
Wills   Singer  16 yrs old
John    Barrett 5 yrs old
Eliza   Anthony 18 mths old
Thomas  Plant   8 yrs old
Louiza  Plant   4 yrs old
William         Knowles 11 yrs old
Ann     Bradshaw        11 yrs old
Fredk   Watts   7 yrs old
George  Watts   3 yrs old
Ann     Body    3 yrs old
Margt.  Greenaway       3 mths old
Mary    Critchale       2 yrs old
Henry   Logus   5 yrs old
Francis         Logus   10 yrs old

Mrs. Winbourne deliv. Of a son 30th March 1819
Mrs.Dickson deliv. Of a daughter 31st. March.
Mrs. Kauntze deliv of a daughter 29th April.
Mrs. Critchell delliv. Of a daughter 22nd Febry.
E. Hodgkinson died at sea 14th Febry 1819 - 2 mths old.
Fredk Kauntze died at sea 24th June
George Watts died at sea May 8th
Ann Body died at sea March 15th

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