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Click on the link below to view a list of members for the Himalayan Brotherhood in Simla from 1838-1927.

Lodge "Himalayan Brotherhood" No. 459 E.C. Membership Roll. (Simla) 1838-1927

The information below has been taken from a notebook dated 1833.

1833 Officers & Members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons, on the Coast of Coromandel under the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England.

M.W.B. Sir Herbert Compton - P.G.M.
R.W.B. George Lys - D.P.G.M.
W.B. Morris - P.S.G.W.
W.B. J. Scott - P.J.G.W.
W.B. Edward Gordon - P.G. Treasr.& P.G. Sec.
W.B. Edward Gordon - Dir. Of Ceremonies
W.B. T.M. Lane - P.S.G.D.
W.B. Ouchterlony - P.J.G.D.
W.B. AE.R. McDonell - P.P.S.G.W.
W.B. E.F. Elliot - P.P.J.G.W.
W.B. A. de Babick - P.P.G.T.
W.B. P.H. Strombom
W.B. J. Hanson - P.P.G.S.
W.B. E.L. Smythe
W.B. C. Roberts
W.B. C. Guichard

Members of the Provincial Grand Lodge now in England
W.B. W. Duffin
W.B. George Chalmers
W.B. Sir E.M.McGregor, Bt.
W.B. W. Isinley
W.B. J. Babington
W.B. G.J. Hadow
W.B. S. Heward
W.B. W. Woodhouse
W.B. J. Dalziel
W.B. A.D. Campbell

Honorary Members

Lieut. Genl. Robert Bell
Lieut. Genl. Sir T. Hislop, Bt.

Royal Arch Chapter 1833
Sir Herbert Compton , Kt. P.G. Superintendent
Edward Gordon, P.G. Recorder
George Lys, P.A.G.S.
M.C. Chase
C.M. Lushington
T. Gahagan
A. de Babick
P.H. Strombom
John Horsley
Charles Roberts
Alexander Maclean
AE.R. McDonell
Henry Martin Blair
Robert Grant
E.F. Elliot
J. Hanson
*Sir T. Sevestre, K.C.T. & S
T. Lisle Fenwick
J. Pugh
*E.L. Smythe
W.S. Binny
C. Guichard
J. Kitson
T.M. Lane
G.A. Underwood
J.C. Morris
W.E.E. Conwell
*H. Morris
Members now in England
Ven. E. Vaughan, M.A.
J. Babington
W. Wayte
H. Chaplin
Sir E.M. McGregor, Bart
J. Welsh
W. Scott
*H.F. de Montmorency
J.D. Greenhill

Committee Of Grand Masonic Charity 
Sir Herbert Compton, Kt - Grand Patron. President .
George Lys - Vice-President
Edward Gordon - Treasurer


Arnold Benjamin Collett
Arnold Benjamin Collett

The following information has been taken from a document kindly sent to me by Geoff Dane regarding the installation of his Great Grandfather Alexander L.G.S. Irving as Master Elect in Bombay in 1922.

Installation of the Rt. Wor. Master Elect. Wor. Bro. Alexander L.G.S. Irving.

Masonic Hall, Ravelin Street, Fort Bombay.

Wednesday, 25th January, 1922

List of Officers for 1922
Right Worshipful Master A.L. Irving
Immediate Past Master A. Sherret
Depute Master A.C. Bowden
Senior Warden D.W. Ditchburn
Junior Warden A. Stewart-Jacks
Secretary J.S. Christie
Assistant Secretary R.B. Graham
Treasurer W.F. Webb
Chaplain E.W. Courtney
Senior Deacon J. Faulds
Junior Deacon A.R.H. Cadwallader
Architect G.R. Hanson
Jeweller R.M. Smart
Bible Bearer H. Grundy
Director of Ceremonies F.Hogan
Sword Bearer F.E. West
Director of Music F.G. Russell
Steward E.W. Thompson
Assistant Steward A. Grearson
Inner Guard W.C. Garner
Tyler W.H. Perkins

Past Masters
Hamilton Maxwell 1869
MacIntosh Balfour 1870
Hamilton Maxwell 1871
Robert Love King 1872
Charles Mathews 1873
Emiliut Morency Walton 1874
Robert Valentine Reid 1875
G. Brotherstone Thomson 1876
John Young Lang 1877
Frank Doolittle 1878
J.K. Johnson 1879
Joseph Augustus Yates 1880
William Rodger 1881
A. Balmain Anderson 1882
H. Beatson Mactaggart 1883
Allan Russell 1884
W.C. Anderson 1885
John W. Hepworth 1886
John Gourlay Dobbie 1887
James Young 1888
Alfred William Seabrook 1889
George W. Roghton 1890
Charles Anderson 1891
Fred. F. Richard 1892
Charles Heartly Sarl 1893
A.A. Ash 1894
James Dunlop 1895
Hannay John Gordon 1896
G. Milnes 1897
T.G.R. Finny 1898
W.W. Wilson 1899
F. Hogan 1900
J.W. Smith 1901
R. Ditchburn 1902
E. Elliott 1903
R. Low 1904
J. Jones 1905
W. Birkett 1906
F.D. McAlpin 1907
F.D. Spencer 1908
A. Ericson 1909
A. Grearson 1910
W.T. Wellum 1911
E.W. Thompson 1912
J. Welch 1913
L.H. Rose 1914
James Smith 1915
Wm. Mitchell 1916
Wm. F. Webb 1917
F.G. Russell 1918
C.H. Collins 1919
J. Pilling 1920
A. Sherret 1921

Alexander L.G.S. Irving
Alexander L.G.S. Irving

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