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The following are extracts, relating to British India, from a collection of old newspapers I have. I will be adding more shortly, so check back soon!

Some of the extracts I have scanned. To view the article just click on the link.

The Times Sep 05, 1857

On the 29th May, massacred in the Fort at Hissar, aged 28 years, Lieut. Edward William Barwell, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service; and at the same time and place, his wife, Margaret Anna, aged 24 years, youngest daughter of Dr. Andrew Ross, of the Bengal Establishment, E.I.C.S.

Murdered in the Mutiny of the 31st May, at Bareilly, in the 46th year of his age, David Robertson, Esq., judge of the station, and son of the late Major Davud Robertson, H.E.I.C.S.

On the 8th June, murdered by the mutineers at Jhansi, Central India, Ensign Stanhope Taylor, Esq., and Lady Sarah Taylor, Tunbridge-Wells.

On the 9th June, at Bowarie, near Allahabad, from sunstroke, Julia Louisa, the wife of Capt. T.J. Ryves, and daughter of the late Colonel R.H. Colebrooke, Surveyor-General of India.

On 19th June, near Mahoba, while seeking refuge from the mutineers at Nowgong, after many days suffering ("fell from his horse, and shortly after expired"), Major Henry Kirke, of the late 12th Bengal N.I., aged 49, fourth son of the late Lieut. Col. Kirke, of East Retford and Markham, Notts.

On the 10th July last, before Delhi, of a mortal wound received the previous day in action, after gallently leading several successive charges of his company, Ensign W.H. Mountsteven, Staff Officer of Pensioners, Plymouth.

On the 29th August, in Victoria Grove Terrace, Bayswater, in her 33d year, deeply lamented, Mary Jane, relict of Captain John Percival Frye, Madras Army.

At Meaday, Burmah, Lieut. Henry Atherton Drummond, 15th Regt. M.N.I., eldest son of the Rev. James Drummond, rector of Achurch, Northamptonshire.

Killed, in a sortie made from Cawnpore with Sir Hugh Wheeler, Major Sir George Parker, Bart., Capt. 74th Regt. N.I., and cantonment magistrate at Cawnpore. He is succeeded in the title by his only son, who received a cadetship to Bengal in the month of February last, and is now in Calcutta.

The Times Feb 10, 1858

Killed, at the massacre at Cawnpore, supposed about the 15th July last, Robert Benaley Thornhill, Esq., Civil Service, third son of the late John Thornhill, Esq., E.I. Director; and his wife, Mary White, youngest daughter of the late George Siddons, Esq.,of the Bengal Civil Service, with their two younger children, Charles and Mary.

Killed at Lucknow, in the month of August, 1857, Lieut. Pelham Webb, of H.M.'s 32d Regt.

In the Residency, Lucknow, on the 13th Aug., 1857, James Ranald Burnard, aged 2 years and 10 months; and also Henry Burnard, aged 14 months, the beloved and only children of S.N. Martin, Esq., C.S., Deputy-Commissioner of Lucknow.

At Lucknow, on the 30th Sept., of a bullett wound, received on the 29th, at the close of a successful attack on the enemies guns, Fitzherbert Dacre Lucas, formerly  Captain in the South Tipperary Militia, and acting as a volunteer throughout the siegefrom the 30th May.

At the Hospital in Lucknow, on the14th Nov. last, from a musket shot wound, received on the 23d Sept., whilst serving with the Volunteer Cavalry, under Sir James Outram, James Erskine, third son of the late John Erskine, Esq., Elambazar, Bengal, aged 21.

On the 6th inst., at Beechlands, Ryde, Isle of Wight, the residence of his grandfather, General Sir James Caldwell, G.C.B., Richard James Sullivan, Madras C.S., aged 40.
The Times Fri June 19, 1885

On the 7th May at the Abbey, Penang. Straits Settlements, the wife of Arthur B. McKEAN, J.P., of a daughter.
On the 18th inst. at Crouch Hill, by the Rev. A.C. Murphy, D.Lit., Arthur Bowdich COTTELL, Surgeon Medical Staff, to Helen MACKINTOSH, daughter of William M. MURRAy Esq., of Brambledown. Indian, China, and Australian papers, please copt.

A telegram for John STEWART, Glasgow from Dykes, Calcutta, has been recieved by reuters Telegram Company, Limited, 24 Old Jewery, London, but cannot be delivered through insufficient address.

This was another case under the Settled Land Act, 1882, 8ection 37, find one which raised a very singular question. By the will of the late Sir J. R. Carnac, governor of Bombay, certain plate of great value was bequeathed to go as heirlooms, with the baronetcy. An application was made in Chambers under section 37 of the Act for leave to sell the heirlooms, and Mr. Justice Chitty gave leave, holding that the baronetcy, as an incorporeal hereditament, was "land" within the meaning of the Act. The point was now raised that the estate of a baronet in his dignity is a fee simple, and not a fee tail, and a baronet, therefore, not a person having the powers of a tenant for life under the Act.
Mr. Macnaghten, Q.C., Mr. E. B. Mitchell, and Mr. J. G. Wood were the counsel appearing.
His LORDSHIP directed the question to be set down for argument on Saturday the 2Oth inst.

This was an appeal, with cross-appeal, from a decree of the Judicial Commissioner of Oude, of the 2d the of May, 1883. modifying, in favour of the respondent, a judgment of the District Judge of Lucknow.
Mr. J. G, W. Sykes was counsel for the appellants; Mr , Mayne and Mr. C. C. Macrae for the Secretary of State,
The case arose out of certain forgeries of and frauds relating to judicial stamps and Court fee labels, which, were practised at Lucknow some years ago, and the suit was brought by the Government through the Deputy Commissioner of Lucknow, against Mohan Lal, who was lad appointed treasurer of the Lucknow Treasury in 1869, and to against his surety, Baldeo Baksh to enforce performance of a bond of security entered Into by them, by which they held themselves responsible to make good any losses or deficiencies entailed upon the department by the treasurer, or his substitutes, or agents, The case came originally before the District Judge of Lucknow, who gave as the Government a decree for 11,700 rupees. On appeal, the Judicial Commissioner awarded the full amount of as the claim, 18,100 rupees. From this decision the parties appealed-the appellants, who are the sons of Mohan Lal, whose death had occurred while the later proceedings were in progress, instituting their appeal on the merits of the case and the respondent bringing a cross-appeal as to the disallowance of interest and costs.
For the appellants, it was contended that the Lower Courts had misconstrued the agreement, which was not an undertaking by Mohan Lal to protect the Imperial revenues against loss, but an agreement to answer to the Lucknow Treasury officers for Government property committed to his charge, or that of substitutes, or agents (nominated by him. No loss or deficiency had arisen through Mohan Lals misconduct or negligence, or of his agents, inasmuch as none of the parties to the frauds were nominated by him.
For the respondent, It was argued that no true accounts of the stamps and labels committed to Mohan Lal's charge and misappropriated by others had ever been rendered, as required by the agreement, and that If such had been forthcoming the ,appellants would have been liable to make good a deficiency In excess of the amount claimed. It was further contended that the loss had accrued through the conduct of persons appointed by Mohan Lal within the meaning of the agreement.
Their LORDSHIPS at the close of the arguments, which lasted three days, gave judgement, affirming the decree of the Judicial Commissioner of Oude and dismissing both the appeal and the cross appeal with costs.


Lloyd's agents at Bombay, under date June 17, telegraphs that Seraglio, steamer, bound from Cardiff for Bombay, has floundered at sea. The crew were saved and landed at Bombay. The Seraglio, a steel screw steamer of 1,703 tons, was built at Greenock in 1882, classed 100 A1, and owned by Messrs Raeburn and Verel, of Glasgow.

(From Lloyd's)
COLOMBO, June 16 The P & O steamers Kaiser-i-Hind, from Bombay, and Cathay, from Calcutta, arrived here this afternoon.
MADRAS, June 15 The Clan Line steamer Macintosh, from Calcutta for London, and the British India steamer Rewa, for Colombo and London, left here today.
(Reuter's Telegrams)
CALCUTTA June 18 The Anchor Line steamer Hispania left here this morning for London.

Foreign Arrivals
BOMBAY June 16 Pharos,st., Cardiff
CALCUTTA June 17 Mysore, Liverpool

Foreign Sailings
CALCUTTA June 17 Stronsa, London

Home Sailings
CARDIFF June 18 Star of Albion, Calcutta. W Hales, Singapore.

The London Docks Latest Arrivals
Royal Albert Docks June 18, Attived - P & O steamer Verona, Bombay. P & O steamer Pekin, Sydney and Siam, Calcutta.

Major-General Walter Fane, of the Madras Staff Corps died on Tuesday, at Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, in his 58th year. The youngest son of the late Rev. Edward Fane, Rector of Fulbeck and Prebendary of Lincoln, by his marriage with Maria, daughter of Mr. Walter Parry Hodges, of Dorchester, he was born in 1828, entered the Army in 1845, and obtained a lieutenancy in 1853. He served in the Punjab Irregular Cavalry from 1849 to 1857, and was present in several engagements against the hill tribes on the North-West Frontier. He also took part in the pursuit and final capture of Tantia Topee in Central India, in 1859. The gallant officer was promoted to a captaincy in 1860, became major in 1861, lieutenant colonel in 1869, and colonel in 1875. He raised a regiment of irregular cavalry for service in China, and was present at the taking of the Peiho forts. He also commanded Fane's Horse in the engagement at Sinho, and in the actions of Chinkiawbaw and Pulli-chi-on, and the capture of Pekin. For these services he was nominated a Companion of the Order of the Bath. He was promoted to the rank of Major-General in 1879. General Fane, who was a kinsman of the Earl of Westmoreland, married, in 1879, Agnes, daughter of Sir Henry Bold Houghton.

The death is announced by telegraph, at Quetta, on the 11th of May, of Mr. Alfred Hubert Spencer, youngest son of the late Colonel the Hon. Robert Spencer and of the late Lady Louisa Spencer, sister of John Winston, seventh Duke of Marlborough, at the early age of 21 years. He left England on the 12th of March last,joined his regiment (the Oxfordshire Light Infantry) at Rindle, and marched to Quetta, 85 miles through the Bolan Pass, on the roughest ground and in intense heat. He succumbed to Asiatic cholera after an illness of 24 hours.

The Times Dec 20, 1887

On the 15th inst., at St John's Episcopal Church, Aberdeen, by the Rev. W.H. BLEADEN, M.A., Rector. James B. NORTHCOTT, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire and of Manchester, to Agnes Joanna Dewar MARTIN, widow of the late Richard MARTIN of Bombay, and daughter of the late David PETERS of Perth.

On the 17th Dec., at St Mary's Church, Cadogan street, Chelsea, by the Rev Father Nolan, Thomas Joseph MACNAMARA of the Admiralty, son of the late Johm MACNAMARA, Esq., Kildra House, O'Callaghan's Mills, County Clare, Ireland to Emily Augusta Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Benjamin JONES Esq. H.E.I.C.S. of Cheyne Walk, Chelsea and Rosemount, Eastbourne, Sussex.

On the 8th inst. at Umballa (India), Alfred John RICHARDSON, 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), eldest son of John Crow Richardson, Glanbrydan Park, Carmarthenshire.

The 1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment will leave Portland on the 8th of February for Malta, where it will relieve the 1st Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, ordered to India (Bellary). The 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers having left Mullingar for the Curragh, it has been transferred from the 1st to the 2d Army Corps and the 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment from the 2d to the 1st Army Corps. The 2d Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment will be a line of communication corps on the departure of the 1st Dorset Regiment, and the 2d Battallion Hampshire Regiment will, on arrival in England be a 2d Army Corps in the place of the 2d Battalion Royal West Kent Regiment. The 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles drops out of the 2d Army Corps on it's departure from Gosport to Mullingar, and is replaced by the 2d Battalion Connaught Rangers.

(From Lloyds}
BOMBAY, Dec 19 - The P and O Steamer Ballaarat, arrived here this morning with the outward London mails of the 2d inst.
MALTA, Dec 18 - The P and O Steamer Verona, from Bombay arrived here.
SUEZ CANAL, Dec 18 - The P and O Steamer Kaiser-I-Hind, from Calcutta for London has arrived at Suez. The same company's steamer Coromandel, from Bombay, arrived at Suez this morning en route for Marseilles, Plymouth and London.

Foreign Sailings
CALCUTTA Dec 16.-Argonaut, New York

Home Arrivals
LIVERPOOL Dec 19 - Alexandra, Calcutta

Home Sailings
DEAL Dec 18 - Marlborough, Bombay

Globe Newspaper 13 Feb 1818.

Naval Register

The Castle Huntly Indiaman is at anchor in the Nobb Channel.


Aug 27, 1818 at Pondicherry, by the RevJ.G. Holzbery, C G R ELLIS, Esq. Judge of Zillah of Canara, to Myra Ann KINCHANT daughter of the late Richard KINCHANT, Esq formerly Commercial Resident and Collector of Cuddalore.

St James's Chronicle and London Evening Post From Sat Nov 14 to Tue Nov 17, 1818.

Rhinocerous Hunting

St Helena

Nov. 6 at St Paul's, Waldon, Herts, Lieut-Col Wm Jones, of the Hon East India Company's Service.

Naval and Military Gazette, East India and Colonial Chronicle

I have scanned the whole paper and put it online. Click here to view it.

The Times May 19, 1913

ALEXANDER - On the 16th inst., at her residence, 129, Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, CHARLOTTE PARKYNS, widow of the late GENERAL F. ALEXANDER, Bengal Staff Corps, in her 85th year. Funeral at Kensal Green Cemetery, on Tuesday, the 20th inst., at 11.30 a.m.
The Times May 21 1913

BISHOP - On the 16th May, the REVD. JOHN HUNTER BISHOP, B.A. Cambridge, of the C.M.S. Trichur, South India, aged 69. Indian and Colonial papers, please copy.

CLARKSON - On the 15th inst., at Renfrew, Waverley Road, Southsea, MYRA HUME CLARKSON, widow of Captain T.R. CLARKSON, late 68th Light Infantry, and younger daughter of the late General J.E. Williams, Madras Army.

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