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Islanders In The 1881 British Census
A Brief Family History
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MacKinnon Family
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Islanders In The 1881 British Census
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My Prince Edward Island Family History

Below is a list of people that I have come across whilst going through the 1881 British Census. The list is by no means complete, but if you would like further details on anyone please contact me.

ALEXANDER, Alice 1831
BAUER, Joseph 1823
BEALE, John Hill 1826
CREAMER, John 1856
DAVIS, Robert Watts 1844
FLEMING, Eupheinia 1814
GUILLE, Matildia 1836
HAVILAND, Bessie 1846
HAYNES, Walter Desbruay 1876
HENSLEY, Frances A. 1830
HENSLEY, Walter F. 1843
HILL, Charles 1855
HOBEN, Andrew 1844
JENKINS, Alice P. 1863
KIDSON, George 1838
MC CLELLAN, James 1834
MC DONALD, Angus Roderick 1842
MC GILL, Jemima B. 1848
MC GILL, John W. 1839
MC LEAN, Lucy 1877
MC LEAN, William 1875
MULLINS, Jane 1840 Baptist
OLIVER, William 1818
ORLEBAR, Henry A. 1846
PEAKE, Matilda 1841
REAY, Eliza E. 1838
STEWART, William 1811
SWABEY, 1864
SWABEY, Eliza K. 1835
SWABEY, Emily C. 1854
SWABEY, Louisa P. 1867
SWABEY, Maurice 1869
SWABY, Frances 1855
SWABY, Mary Ann 1867
SWINDLEHURST, William 1824
TRUMPER, Alice B. 1848
WILSON, Caroline 1842
YEO, John 1839

Charlotte MacKinnon (nee Moore)

Charlotte MacKinnon (nee Moore). Photo kindly sent in by Gary and Gloria Llewellyn.

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