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Family Reunion
A Brief Family History
Favourite Family Photos
MacKinnon Family
Jackson Family
Islanders In The 1881 British Census
Family Reunion
My Prince Edward Island Family History

My father never knew his paternal family until he decided to try and find his father a few years ago. Unfortunately his father had already passed away, but he was lucky enough to find his Aunt and half brother and sister. He finally met them in 1998 and then in 2000 I found him some more cousins in PEI. He went to PEI for the first time the next fall and here are a couple of photos of his new found family.

Dad meets his half brother and sister
Gary, Sherry and Dad

Dad meets his Jackson cousins
Dad meets the Jacksons
Back Row - Jodie, Jamie and Jim. Dad slap bang in the centre! Front Row - Tara, Steve and Julie.