Himalayan Brotherhood


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8 August 1849 - End May 1927
Some of the people listed below can be found listed in the booklet "Residents of Simla 1898" printed by Pagoda Tree Press and I have entered these names in Red. The booklet lists the names and addresses of the principal British residents. Copies can be got by contacting:
Hugh Ashley Rayner

I = Initiated  J = Joined  Rj = Re-joined H = Hony Member

Surname Given Name Profession or Occupation Date
Abbott Evelyn Robins I.C.S. I. 8-6-96
Abdul Ahad - Sub-Overseer P.W.D. J. 9-7-96 Rj. 10-9-17
Acres George Military Clerk I. 20-9-75
Addinall Frederick William Military Clerk I. 12-4-15
Adhemar Edgar Stanley Mechanist Staff Sgt. R.A.S.C. I. 10-3-24
Alexander Henry Victor Mechanist Sgt. Major R.A.S.C. J. 14-5-23
Alexander Sidney Walter Lt. 45th Mountain Battery I. 13-1-19
Allen James George Lt. I.M.L. J. 11-9-16
Allnutt George K. Accountant P.W.D. J. 5-5-73
Alsop Joseph Farrow Chemist I. 13-4-96
Alves William Conductor Comst. Department J. 8-5-93
Ampthill Baron G.C.S.I. Etc. Conductor Comst. Department H. 11-7-04
Anant Prasad Dube Clerk I. 12-8-12 Rj. 8-10-23
Anderson John Surgeon to H.E. the C-in-C. J. 15-5-50
Anderson George Henry Crawford Merchant I. 8-5-93
Anderson William Military Clerk I. 6-9-75
Andrew Arthur Miller Military Clerk J. 12-8-07
Andrews Ernest William Military Clerk J. 8-8-04
Andrews H.F. No record J. 18-5-63
Andrews Rev. Charles Freer Clerk in Holy Orders J. 11-7-04
Anthony Ernest Theodore Accountant P.W.D. I. 5-6-76 Rj. 10-8-95
Arnold Richard John Clerk I. 18-9-71
Arthur Harry Robert Conductor, Ordnance Dept. J. 11-4-98
Ashworth Robert Frederick Weir Military Clerk I. 10-10-98
Ashworth William Hubert Military Clerk J. 10-2-19
Atkinson Albert Sergeant, R.A. I. 9-8-97
Atkinson Edmund Stroud Paton Survey Dept J. 20-7-74
Atkinson Harry Crowther Military Clerk J.12-11-94Rj.13-5-01Rj.12-3-06
Auhinleck John Claude Lieutenant, Royal Artillery I. 18-8-62
Babonau Thomas William Clerk J. 9-8-97
Bacchus George Henry  Lieut. 7th D. Gds J. 1-6-63
Bacon T.H. No record J. 22-5-51
Bagot Alexander Lieut. 15 B.I. Rj. 8-8-49
Bagshawe Frederick William Major I.A. J. 12-6-11
Bailey George Edward Manager, Messrs. Watts & Co. I. 8-6-96
Baillie Edward Sterling Asst. Surgeon SM.D. J. 14-6-97
Baker Alfred Clerk J. 6-9-75
Baker R. School Master, Municipal Board School J. 12-6-99
Baker Reginald Augustus Charles Captain I.A. J. 10-5-20
Ball Arthur  Tailor J. 11-7-98
Ball William Edward Clerk I. 16-5-53 Rj. 6-6-70 Rj. 3-6-72
Barker Alfred Lieut. 66th B.I. I. 17-10-50
Barnes James Fitz Ernest Clerk I. 13-8-00
Barrett Edward Sterling Electrical Engineer J. 11-6-06
Barratt Lewis Victor Military Clerk I. 8-9-19
Barsby Harry Engineer J. 10-5-09 Rj. 12-8-12
Bass William Henry Qr. Mr. Sergeant R.A. I. 10-10-87
Barstow Robert William Captain, HM's 63rd Regt. I. 31-7-77
Basudeo Singh - Taquildar J. 8-9-13
Batchelor William Henry Tailor's Cutter I. 16-5-08
Batten George Henry Maxwell I.C.S. J. 2-8-75
Battye Frederic Drummond Colonel, I.A. J. 9-7-94
Beadon Harold Archibald Asst. Secy. Simla Municipality I. 12-7-86
Beatson Clare Lawrence Assistant F. and P. Deptt I. 9-10-16 Rj. 10-5-20
Beatson John Walter Clerk J. 6-6-64
Beatson William Law Agent J. 5-8-67
Beatty Edmond Tyrrell Military Chaplain J. 13-5-89
Beckett Henry Baron I.C.S. J. 13-4-96
Beckett John Sergeant, R.A. I. 11-5-91
Beechey Stephen Richard Artist (Painter) I. 28-8-54
Beer William Peter Warrant Officer I.O.D J. 12-6-22
Bell James Richard Bruner Consulting Engineer to Govt. J. 8-10-94
Bett Joseph Sanitary Engineer I. 11-2-24
Bell William Inspector of Army Schools J. 12-9-98
Belle Theodore Merchant's Clerk J. 21-5-66 Rj. 6-6-70
Beni Pershad Tewary - Clerk J. 27-7-08
Beresford Lord William Major, Military Secretary to H. E. the Viceroy I. 10-10-87
Beresford-Barker Harold Archibald Capt. I.A.R.O. J. 15-6-21
Berriff Alfred Merchant J. 10-6-89 Rj. 8-6-96
Berriff Arthur Henry Draper I. 14-8-22
Bharat Chandra Ghosh Asst. Surgeon, S.M.D. J. 13-6-98
Bhupindar Singh Mahindar H.H. the Maharaja Dhiraj of Patiala - I. 18-6-14
Bickwell James George Chemist I. 11-1-13
Bidwell James Military Clerk J. 14-9-91
Bignell Richard Augustus D'Oyly Private Sec. to H.H. the Maharaja of Kutch Behar J. 9-10-88
Binge Frederick William Merchants Assistant I. 5-8-99 Rj. 12-7-09
Birch Edwin Thomas Sergeant, R.A. I. 12-10-96
Birch R. Graham Lieut.-Colonel, Indian Army J. 11-9-82
Birdwood Herbert Christopher Impey Captain R.E. I. 11-7-92
Bertie-Clay Neville Sneyd Major, R.A. J. 15-10-02
Bishen Singh - Clerk J. 11-11-07
Bishop William Henry Clerk J. 18-5-63 Rj. 21-7-68
Bittles George Henry Conductor, Ordnance Dept. I. 18-7-98
Black John B. No record I. 24-6-63
Blades William Scott Merchant J. 7-5-77
Blake Henry Thomas Battery Q.M.S., R.A. I. 30-4-06
Bleckly Thomas McDougall Surgeon, I.M.S. J. 22-6-68
Bliss Frank Chemist I. 11-5-96
Bloodworth Harry Edwin Military Clerk I. 11-11-18
Bodh Raj Saberwal - Civil Engineer I. 22-8-11
Blundell T.L. Surgeon, Dentist I. 17-10-49
Bosley Cecil Alfred Military Clerk I. 22-6-18
Boileau Thomas Theophilus Lieutenant H.E.I.C., Service J. 16-5-53
Bond Francis George Colonel R.E. J. 14-5-06
Bonwell Edward Warren Surgeon, Dentist J. 10-7-05
Boulderson Samuel Lieutenant, 7th Hussars J. 18-8-62
Bowder John Kelshaw Escot Clerk I. 11-7-87 Rj. 12-7-97
Bower Hamilton Captain I.A. J. 11-6-94
Bowles Frederick Augustus Brig.-Genl. I.G. of Artillery J. 12-8-07
Bowyer Wentworth Grenville Major R.E. I. 11-5-91
Boyd John Greig Flight Sgt. R.A.F. J. 14-7-24
Boyle Percy Edwin Douglas Military Clerk I. 23-7-19 Rj. 11-8-24
Bracken John Major H.E.I.C. Service J. 8-5-50
Brackenbury Richard Gunn Lieut. H.M.S. J. 20-6-52
Bradford Alexander Henry Draper I. 11-2-24
Brake John Military Surgeon I. 6-7-63
Bredin Edgar Grantham Military Clerk I. 20-6-81 Rj. 10-6-89
Breese Charles Dempster Wing Commander R.A.F. I. 11-10-20
Breething William Joseph Capt. Indian Army I. 13-9-20
Brewster Frank Examiner of Questioned Documents (C.I.D.) J. 14-10-18
Bridge Harry Warrant Officer I.A.O.C. J. 13-12-26
Bridgeman James Staff Sgt., I.O.D. J. 12-2-23
Briggs Charles Henry Chemist J. 17-4-82
Briggs David Lieutenant H.E.I.C., Service J. 16-4-55
Briscoe Stanley St. John Bankers Clerk J. 11-8-98
Brook  Ernest William Telegraphist I. 12-2-23
Brooks Harry Military Clerk J. 8-8-21
Brooks John Hatfield Lieutenant, 1st L.C. I. 5-6-50
Broughton James Hunt Tailor J. 11-5-91
Brown Gerald Reeves Chemist I. 7-6-07
Brown Harry Military Clerk J. 12-7-15
Brown Robert Sub-Medical Department I. 9-1-93
Brown Charles D.S. Police I. 19-9-70
Brown George Clement Clerk J. 7-6-05
Brown Thomas Henry de la Rue Military Clerk J. 9-10-93
Brownlow Francis George Colonel, 72nd Highlanders J. 87-6-78
Bruce Robert Robertson Lieut. Bengal Artillery I. 17-7-52
Bruce-Kingsmill Julian Claude de Kenne Lieut.-Colonel, Royal Artilery J. 12-8-18
Buchner Ernest Bandmaster Viceroy's Band I. 9-7-00 Rj. 12-6-11
Bunbury H.W. Captain H.M.'s Service J. 22-8-49
Burn Charles Rosden Lieutenant 1st Dragoons I. 10-10-87
Burnham Richard Clerk I. 21-8-71
Burt Henry Parsall Civil Engineer J. 11-5-85 Rj. 14-7-13
Burt John Military Clerk J. 12-5-84
Burton Francis Charles Colonel, 2nd B.L. J. 13-8-94
Burton Richard Military Clerk J. 19-4-75 Rj. 13-7-85
Bustard Thomas Charles Assistant Steiert & Co. J. 14-5-06
Butler Edmond Arthur Clerk I. 20-8-55
Butterfield Herbert Christopher Impey Acctt. P.W.D. J. 11-5-91
Butterfield William Rysdale Acctt. M.W.D. I. 17-10-87
Byng Edmund Disney Lieutenant 1st En B. Fus. A.D.C. to C.-in-C. J. 8-8-49
Bythell W.J. Major R.E. J. 12-11-00
Caldecourt George, Caldecott Clerk I. 4-6-66 Rj. 17-5-69 Rj. 5-4-75
Callan G. Sergeant, R.A. J. 9-7-00
Callan R.T. Merchant J. 4-5-63
Callander Alexander Lieutenant H.E.I.C., Service I. 3-10-53
Callaway Frederick Maynard Assistant Finance Deptt. I. 9-7-23
Callaway Frederick William Military Clerk J. 13-2-05
Cameron Hugo Roderick Angus Military Clerk I. 8-1-94
Campbell Gilbert Edward Nil I. 4-5-63
Campbell John Algar Bullock Merchant I. 23-5-59
Campbell John Scarlet Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 7-7-51
Campbell Leslie Stuart Military clerk J.2-9-98Rj.10-12-00Rj.12-10-08
Campbell Thomas Engineer J. 8-7-18
Campbell William Clerk J. 19-4-75
Campion John M. Civil Engineer J. 14-5-83 Rj. 14-10-95
Cann Mark Brewery Manager J. 26-7-09
Cannock William March Edwin Flight Sergeant, Royal Air Force I. 13-9-26
Carey Daniel Battery Q.M.S., R.A. I. 9-9-89
Cargill William MacGiluray Civil Engineer I. 13-4-08
Carmichael Andrew Blair Sergeant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 16-5-53
Carrigan Peter Military Clerk J. 22-7-95
Carson William Paterson Military Clerk J. 12-584 Rj. 9-4-88
Carte William Edward Surgeon, I.M.S. Retired Rj. 8-8-49
Carter R.H. Lieutenant, H.Ms. 87, Foot I. 4-9-52
Caulfield Henry Minson Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 2-8-58
Caulfield John Palmer Captain, H.E.I.C. Service J. 19-10-58
Cecil Alfred Roger Park Shop Assistant I. 10-8-59 Rj. 20-5-61
Chadwick Harry Sergeant, R.A. I. 13-8-06
Chalmer John McKay Clerk I. 8-8-87
Chalmer Owen Ivan Ensign, H.E.I.C. Service I. 18-8-56
Chandler Herbert George William Captain, I.A. I. 1-5-07
Chanell Stanley Military Clerk J. 12-1-20
Chanter Edward Jean School Master I. 13-9-86
Chapman Edward Henry Military Clerk J. 8-2-09
Chappel Herbert E. Telegraph Engineer J. 8-10-94
Charanjit Singh Ahluwalia - Of Kaparthala I. 24-10-04
Chard Frank Henry Military Clerk I. 22-6-18
Charde William Asst. Secretary, Simla Bank Rj. 8-8-49
Cheek George Nicholas Assistant Surgeon, Indian Army I. 16-8-59
Cheers John Military Clerk (changed)
Cheetham Henry Joseph Warrant Officer, I.O.D. I. 9-8-20
Chester Henry Dawkins Eardley Wilmot Lieutenant, H.M.'s Service J. 20-6-59
Chippendale William Harold Lieutenant, R.E. J. 17-6-783
Christensen John Clerk J. 27-4-08
Clark W.J. Major, I.M.S. J. 8-1-00
Clarke Alexander Chemist I. 10-12-00
Clarke Ernest Hotel Manager I. 11-8-24
Clarke Edward Ernest Draper J. 14-8-09 Rj. 13-6-04
Clarke James Edward Military Clerk J. 9-9-12
Clarke Lawrence Henry School Master I. 20-8-55
Clarke Melville Captain, Indian Army J. 1-10-60
Clarke Robert I.C.S. J. 11-5-96
Clarke William George Deputy Superintendent of Police I. 12-8-12
Claremont Thoams Clerk J. 2-9-68
Clavering Carey Clarendon Military Clerk J. 5-4-75 Rj. 1-5-82
Clayton George Henry Asst. Secretary, Simla Municipality I. 8-3-97
Clerke Louis Arthur Henry Asst. Surgeon Sub M.D. I. 12-2-00
Cleveland Henry Francis Colonel, I.M.S. J. 14-5-17
Clifford Robert Wigram Lieutenant, 10th Lt. Cavalry I. 4-9-52
Coast Michael W. Lade Captain, H.M's Service J. 7-7-62
Coates Thomas Alfred Assistant Govt. of India I. 9-8-26
Cobb Alexander Hugh Captain, H.M.S. J. 20-6-53
Cockburn Francis Shaw Professor Of Music I. 11-8-53 Rj.4-5-63 Rj.17-6-72
Cockburn Henry Clerk J. 4-5-63
Cockburn Francis Shaw Professor of Music I. 11-8-53 Rj.4-5-63 Rj.17-6-72
Cockburn Henry Clerk J. 4-5-63
Cockerell John LieutenantB H.E.I.C. Service I. 7-11-53
Coghill Kendal Josiah William LieutenantB H.E.I.C. Service J. 18-8-56
Cole Edward Sergeant Instructor, Simla Volunteers J. 12-8-01 Rj. 12-3-06
Cole Owen Wynne Clerk J. 10-1-98
Coleman Peter Seth Chemist I- 14-9-03
Collen Arthur George Pomeroy Assistant Commissioner, Ugander I. 8-10-00
Collen Edwin Henry Ethelbert Lieutenant, R.A. I. 31-10-98
Collen Edwin Henry Hayter Colonel, B.S.C. J. 9-10-88
Collyer James Jeweller J. 15-6-21
Colomb Francis Captain, I.A. I. 11-3-95
Condan Thomas Type Machine Expert I. 13-6-04
Connell George Ernest Assistant Army Headquarters J. 13-2-22
Conolly Francis Henry Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 20-10-56
Cooke Henry Rex Captain R.A. J. 11-9-99
Cooke William Ridge Nil J. 13-10-02
Cooke Hugh Rowland Clerk I. 27-5-66
Cooke John Edward Clerk I. 18-7-64
Cooke Thomas Soldier, H.M's Service I. 8-10-60
Cooke Thomas Arthur Colonel, H.M's Service J. 14-7-90
Cookworthy Colin Lieutenant Bengal Artillery J. 2-10-50
Cooling Charles Ernest Lieut. I.A.R.O. J. 11-10-20
Cooper Ernest Milan Chemists Asst. I. 11-8-84 As serving
Cooper Harry Major, A.D.C., Viceroy I. 22-9-8i
Cooper Thomas Edward George  Engineer J. 18-5-74Rj.8-9-84Rj.14-11-98
Cordell Charles Alexander Sub-Medical Department I. 9-10-82
Corfe Ernest Military clerk I. 13-4-96
Corstorphan George Accountant J. 20-9-75Rj.10-9-83Rj.12-7-97
Cotter Preston Parr Clerk J. 8-3-09 Rj. 11-5-14
Cotton William Merchant I. 21-9-68
Cotton William Chemist J. 14-12-08
Coutts William Scott Tailor I. 1-7-72
Cowan Hugh Montgomery I.C.S. I. 28-9-07
Cowell J. Photographer J. 8-7-89
Cowgill Fred Fairbank Schoolmaster J. 11-12-16
Cowmeadow James Bruce Draper I. 21-4-73 Rj. 5-5-79
Cowmeadow William Frederick Bruce Draper I. 11-1-15 Rj. 9-7-23
Cox Herbert Vaughan Brigadier General, I.A. J. 14-8-11
Cox Walter Radcliffe Asst. Alliance Bank I. 21-7-86
Coyne Patrick James Clerk I. 4-6-66
Craddock Arthur James Architect I. 14-11-92
Craddock James Photographer J. 18-8-62 Rj. 17-6-72
Cragie John Harry Smith Colonel, H.M's. Service, Asst. A.G. Army HQ J. 11-5-96
Cragie Patrick Niel 2nd Lieutenant I.S.C. I. 20-12-99
Crane Alfred Qr. M. Sgt. Pack Artillery J. 8-6-25
Crayden Walter James Clerk I. 13-8-94
Creagh O'Moore General, I.A. Commander-in-Chief in India J. 11-10-09
Cregeen Archibald Crellan Civil Engineer J. 21-5-66
Cripps John Mathew Lieutenant, 26th N.I. I. 8-10-83
Crofts A.M. Military Surgeon I. 8-10-83
Croke John Sergeant, U.L. (Groom to H.E. the Viceroy) I. 9-10-93
Croley Frank William Engineer I. 14-7-02
Cross Frederick George Cashell Military Clerk J. 12-8-95
Crouch George Ernest Army School Master J. 14-5-17
Cox Herbert Vaughan Brigadier General, I.AN J. 14-8-11
Cox Walter Radcliffe Asst. Alliance Bank I. 21-7-86
Coyne Patrick James Clerk I. 4-6-66
Craddock Arthur James Architect I. 14-11-92
Craddock James Photographer J. 18-8-62 Rj.17-6-72
Cragie John Harry Smith
Cragie Patrick Niel
Crane Alfred Qr. M. Sgt. Pack Artillery J. 8-6-25
Crayden Walter James Clerk I. 13-8-94
Creagh O'Moore General I.A. Commander-in-Chief in India J. 11-10-09
Cregeen Archibald Crellan Civil Engineer J. 21-5-66
Cripps John Mathew Lieutenant, 26th N.I. J. 5-6-50
Crofts A.M. Military Surgeon I. 8-10-83
Croke John Sergeant, U.L. (Groom to H.E. the Viceroy) I. 9-10-93
Croley Frank William Engineer I. 14-7-02
Cross Frederick George Cashell Military Clerk J. 12-8-95
Crouch George Ernest Army School Master J. 14-5-17
Crowe George Ross Asst. Surgeon Sub-Medl Dept. J. 11-1-17
Cullin Edward Van Someren Barrister-at-Law J. 5-9-81
Cumberland R.F.W. Military Officer J. 7-8-52
Cunningham Aleaxander Major, H.E.I.C. Service I. 16-8-49
Cuppage Henry Croker Lieutenant, 15 B.I. I. 4-9-52
Curtis George Military Clerk I. 11-11-95
Curtis James Charles Captain, H.E.I.C. Service Rj.16-5-53 Rj.4-7-59 Rj.18-8-62
Curtis James Gray William Military Officer. H.E.I.C. Service Rj. 8-8-49
Cutler Alfred Usher Hairdresser J. 8-5-99 Rj. 10-6-01
Daglish George Warrant Officer, I.U.L. J. 12-4-20
Daljeet Singh - Nil J. 14-8-00
Dallas John Edwin Asst. Secretary, P.W.D. J. 11-8-90
Daly Anthony Clerk I. 24-6-61
Daly Charles Bryne Military Clerk J. 10-8-08
Daly Francis Dermott Agent, Simla Bank I. 19-10-58 Rj. 6-6-70
Daly George Hickey Sub-Medl. Dept. J. 21-8-65
Daly William Clerk I. 8-10-60
Daniell Charles Astell Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 5-9-53
Dannenberg - Photographer J. 11-6-61
Darbari Lal Saihgal - Excise Deptt. Punjab I. 14-7-13
Davico Andrea Caterer J. 12-8-07
David John Lieut. I.A. I. 11-4-21
David Percy Charles Government clerk I. 13-9-20
Davie James Couper Manager, Kellner & Co., Simla J. 14-5-06
Davies Alfred S. Sub-Medl. Dept. J. 4-8-73
Davies William Byers Clerk I. 10-9-66
Davies James John Herbert Chemist I. 18-798
Davis William Edwin Clerk I. 8-10-94
Davis Ronald Archibald Military Clerk I. 9-10-06
Davison Charles Edward Merchant Rj. 1850 Without ballot in virtue of his exaltation to R.A. degree
Davison William Edward Septimus Merchant J. 7-7-51
Davys Gerald Irvine Captain, I.M.S. J. 11-11-07
Dawson John Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service I. 1-5-54
Dawson Henry Charles Sergeant Farrier, R.A. I. 8-4-01
Day John George Lieutenant, R.E. I. 31-7-77
D'Cruz Andrew Clerk J. 6-6-64
DeBude F.R. Lieutenant, R.H.A. I. 4-9-52
DeFabeck Frederick William Alexander Surgeon Major I.M.S. J. 21-5-77
DeFrain Ernest Edward School Master I. 7-12-91
DeMonte Frank William Clerk I. 15-7-67 Rj. 7-8-71
Dennehy Lachlan Private secretary to Maharajah Dholepur I. 17-8-86
de Rhe Philipe Ene Neil Clerk I. 26-9-17
deRozario W. Clerk J. 13-7-96
DeRussett Charles William No Record J. 19-5-56
Desgratoulet Louis Ernest Agent I. 4-5-63
Devine James Purvis Nil I. 12-10-91
Dewar Kenneth Purvis Assistant Foreign Office J. 11-8-19
Dholpur H.H. the Maharaj Rana of (see Udaibhan Singh) - -
Dinshaw Heerjeebhoy Muncherji Framjee Merchant I. 12-11-00
Dinwoodie John Military Clerk J. 11-6-06
Dixon Rowland Clerk I. 1-6-63
Dobbin George Miller Captain, Indian Army J. 3-10-59
Dockerill Robert Charles Banker I. 9-5-92
Dollman William George Clerk I. 10-5-09
Donaghy William John Telegraph Dept. J. 15-5-82
Dorin Henry Alexander Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service J. 3-9-55
Dorton Frank Stanislaus P.W.D. Supervisor I. 8-3-09
Dorton William Clerk I. 15-10-55
Douglas George Military Clerk I. 7-4-73
Douglas George Victor Military Clerk I. 11-2-18
Douglas Herbert Archibald Major, I.A. J. 14-7-13
Daulat Ram Superintendant of Post Offices I. 13-10-90
Daulat Singh Maharaj Military Secy. to H.H. the Maharajah of Jodhpur J. 13-10-99
Dowding Henry Harris Hewitt Captain, Essex Regt. J. 14-1-01
Dowler Thomas Clerk I. 15-10-55
Dowling George Clerk J. 4-10-75
Dracup Richard Henry Superintendent Railway Deptt. I. 30-9-10
Drake Samuel Retired Soldier J. 12-7-15
Drake Thomas Oakley Military Clerk J. 9-6-90 Rj. 10-7-05
Drake William James Registrar, P.W.D. J. 12-8-12
Drummond Francis Walker Captain, H.E.I.C. Service J. 2-6-56
Drysdale David Military Clerk J. 12-8-07
D'Silva Albert Robert Clerk I. 10-10-98
D'Silva George Thomas Clerk I. 10-10-98
D'Silva John Bower Clerk J. 12-9-98
Duer Charles Major, I.M.S. I. 10-4-11
Duffin Frederick Ensign 70th Ben. Infantry J. 18-6-51
Duggan William Segeant, R.A. I. 14-9-85
Dunbar Charles Clerk I. 20-6-64
Duncan Andrew Military Clerk I. 26-10-08
Dunn Frederick John Secretary, Army Canteen Board J. 12-7-26
Dunning Harry Durden Sergeant, 2-4th Dorset Regiment I. 13-11-16
Dunolly Kenneth James Grant Major, I.A. I. 18-9-06
Durham William Robert Major, I.M.D. J. 12-6-22
Dutt R.C. (See Raj Kumar Dutt)
Dwyer Thomas Chief Warder Military Prison Lucknow J. 12-2-06
Dyce Frederick Lowis Stoll Lieutenant, H.M's Service I. 21-7-62
Dyer Edward John Reginald Brewer J. 11-3-07
Dyer John Surveyor I. 1-10-55
Dyer Augustus Wilhelm Assistant Surgeon J. 16-4-14
Eades William John Military Clerk J. 8-7-18 Rj. 12-1-25
Eaton Alfred Military Clerk J. 14-5-88
Eaton Albert Draper's Asst. J. 11-5-91
Ebden Henry Anderson Civil Surgeon, Simla J. 15-5-50
Eckford John James Lieutenant, 6th Ben. Infantry I. 22-5-51
Edwards Arthur Military Clerk J. 11-7-98 Rj. 12-11-06
Edwards Edmond Pinching Band Master, 2nd Shrop. L.I. J. 7-6-06
Edwards George Edward Sergeant, R.A. I. 30-4-06
Edwards William Henry Military Clerk I. 8-5-11
Elkington Henry Military Clerk J. 1-5-76 Rj. 13-4-91
Elliott G.H. Soldier, H.M's Army J. 20-5-61
Elliott John Bardoe Bowes Military Clerk (Name not traceable in Army List) I. 4-5-63
Ellis Alfred Edward Military Clerk I. 25-5-18
Ellis John Alexander Simon Clerk I. 4-6-66
Ellis Stanley Oakley Accounyant, M.A.G's Office J. 11-8-19
Ellison Frank William Sergeant, M.W.S. I. 13-11-05
Ellison Maurice Brennan Military Clerk I. 10-11-19
Elloy Arthur Leonard Assistant Surgeon J. 8-6-25
Elston Joseph Soldier J. 14-8-65
Elton John Frederick Captain, H.M's Service J. 21-7-62
English Robert Abraham Dy. Ex., P.W.D. J. 12-5-84 Rj. 13-6-87
English Thomas Asst. Engineer, P.W.D. J. 8-6-91
Erskine J. Cadwallader Civil Service Rj. 8-8-49
Evans Frederick Robert Clerk I. 10-7-16
Evans George Henry Lieut.-Colonel Civil Veterinary Dept. J. 12-9-13
Eyears George Saddler I. 1-7-78
Fairhall Richard Inspector of Police I. 17-10-13 Rj. 15-6-74
Falconer Edwin Abraham Asst. Secretary, Simla Municipality J. 13-1-96
Faletti John Hotel Manager I. 14-5-94
Farmer John Captain, Civil V.D. J. 11-7-04
Fateh Din Clerk I. 29-8-04
Faulconbridge John Henry Merchant I. 11-4-04
Fawcett William James Lieut.-Col. R.A.M.C. J. 11-4-92
Fazl Mahomed Khan - Curator, Education Dept. G. ofI. I. 10-2-13
Fellows F.W. Lieutenant, H.M's 96th Regt. J. 17-9-51
Fellows Halford Major, B.S.C. J. 5-9-70
Fenwick Alexander Brathwaite Captain, H.E.I.C. Service J. 20-6-53 Rj. 2-8-58
Fenwick George Roe Clerk J. 7-4-73
Ferguson James Alexander Duncan Major, 6th L.C. J. 12-5-52
Fergusson John Carlyle I.C.S. J. 8-4-07
Fern Thomas Jordan Clerk I. 14-9-85 Rj. 9-12-95
Field William Caldwell Faure Major, I.S.C. J. 9-5-98
Fillingham George Thomas Clerk, Assistant, Coutts & Co. J. 1-5-82 Rj.10-8-85 Rj.10-9-88
Finch Frederick George Military Clerk J. 11-5-03
Fink George Herbert Surgeon-Major I.M.S. J. 8-6-96
Fitch William Samuel Military Clerk J. 9-7-00 Rj.13-4-03 Rj.12-3-06
Fitzgerald Arthur Captain, I.A. J. 20-8-77
Fitzgerald Gerald Military Clerk J. 8-9-19
Fitzgerald Augustus Trelearen Railway Engineer I. 10-9-23
Fitz Holmes Percival Wilbert Hotel Proprietor I. 13-7-14
Fitzsimons Edward Clerk I. 21-7-62
Fleming Thomas Clerk I. 14-11-53
Flight John Soldier J. 6-9-75
Force Alfred Tailor J. 10-7-99
Forbes John Greenlaw Lieutenant, Engineers J. 7-7-62 Rj. 13-10-90
Forster Thomas Francis Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 20-6-53
Foster-Turner Frederick Wentworth Architect J. 14-11-21
Fox Alfred Jaques Bourke Clerk I. 21-8-71
Fox John Godfrey Military Clerk I. 12-4-09
Fox Thomas George Staff Sgt. I.A.O.C. J. 10-5-86
Frame Robert Sergeant, R.A. J. 10-5-86
Framjee - See Heerjeebhoy Munchurjee
Framjee D.H.M. See Dinshaw H. M. Framjee
Framjee K.D.H. See Keki D. H. Framjee
Francis Charles Edward Contractor I. 13-8-83
Francis Benjamin Merchant J. 17-6-72
Francis Walter Lewellyn Clerk I. 6-9-75
Franklin Benjamin Military Surgeon J. 15-5-82
Fraser Samuel John Sergeant, R.A. J. 11-6-06
Free Edward Harry Warrant Officer R.A. Force J. 10-9-23
Freeman Benson Luke Clerk J. 19-6-71
Freeman Frederick P. William Gentleman I. 2-10-50
French Charles John Nil -
French Bolivar Edwin Clerk I. 20-8-91Rj.10-5-97Rj.13-4-08
French Henry Lawrance Registrar, Finance Dept. I. 14-10-12
Fry Frederick Arthur Sub-Conductor I.M.L. J. 14-8-16
Furnell William Henry Dentist J. 4-8-56
Fursdon Walter Ewart Military Clerk I. 23-11-18
Gabbett H.W. No record J. 8-8-49
Galbraith William Major General H.M's Service J. 11-5-91
Garde William Capel Ensign, H.M's Service I. 29-10-53
Gardiner Thomas George Lieut.-Col. H.M's 1-3rd Foot J. 3-5-69
Gardner John William Bertrand Military Clerk I. 14-7-19
Gardner William H.C. Army School Master J. 10-6-89
Garlick George Steward, U.S. Club J. 10-4-99
Garstin William Thomas Clerk J. 20-8-51
Gatesby Thomas Army School Master J. 14-5-17
Gaunt Hugh No record I. 5-6-65
Gaussen William Augustus Lieutenant, 14th Lt. Dgns. J. 8-8-49
George Edward Claudius Postal Dept. I. 16-11-58
Ghosh B.C. See Bharat Chandra Ghosh
Gibson William Charles Station Master E.I. Railway J. 14-7-02
Gifford Noel Bingham W.O. H.M's Forces J. 12-7-26
Gilbert Edmund Kerr Otho Captain, H.E.I.C. Service J. 4-8-56
Gilbert Edwin Osborne Civil Engineer I. 14-10-01
Gilbert George Brian Overseer P.W.D. I. 10-7-05
Gilbert-King William Military Clerk J. 9-10-06
Gillan Robert Woodburn I.C.S. J. 14-10-12
Guibert Joseph Fortune Chief to H.E. the Viceroy I. 10-10-87
Girdlestone C.G. I.C.S. J. 18-7-70
Girling Whitmore Sub-Engineer P.W.D. J. 21-5-77
Glaysher Charles Robert Army Schoolmaster I. 23-7-19
Goad Lockhart Boileau Asst. D.S.P., N.W.P. I. 9-9-01
Goddard Harry Staff-Sgt. I.A.O.C. J. 10-5-26
Gokal Chand - Asst. Surgeon I.M.D. I. 14-8-82
Goldney Philip Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Service J. 8-5-50
Goldstein Felix von Musician J. 8-6-68 Rj. 18-7-70
Goldstein Felix Adolph von Engineer J. 11-1-09 Rj. 13-10-19
Goldstein Robert von Nil I. 7-6-80 as serving Bro.
Goodenough Herbert Lane Lieutenant, I.A. I. 16-9-89
Goose - No record -
Gordon William Robert Patrick Asst. Examiner, P.W.D. I. 14-9-85
Gore Albert Augustus Surgeon Major-General, P.M.O. in India J. 12-8-95
Gore John Captain, H.M's Service J. 4-8-62
Gorrie Rev. L. Manifold Chaplain J. 10-1-27
Gould Basil John I.C.S. J. 12-6-11
Gould Jay Major, I.M.S. J. 10-7-11
Goulding John Merchant's Clerk I. 21-8-52
Gouri Kant Roy Clerk J. 11-6-00
Graham Timothy clerk Assistant Suptd., of Roads, Simla J. 30-10-50
Grant Edmund Robert Engineer J. 10-2-19 Rj. 12-11-23
Grant John Hayes Lieut. H.E.I.C. Service J. 3-7-54 Rj.19-5-56 Rj.29-5-65
Grantham Peter Assistant Controller of Textiles J. 8-12-19
Green Charles Robert Mortimer Major, I.M.S. J. 8-5-05
Greene John Military Clerk I. 11-8-19
Greene John Clinton Lieutenant, R.A. i. 11-9-65
Greensmith Joseph Military Clerk I. 11-3-18
Grey Arthur Barrister-at-law J. 14-10-89
Griffin Robert Saddler J. 12-7-97
Grindlay Henry Robert Major, H.M's Service J. 20-6-59
Grinney Philip Sergeant, Viceroy's Band I. 3-10-81
Grinter Charles Edward Military Clerk J. 3-5-75
Grubb John James Military Clerk J. 9-6-90
Gruble Ernst Assistant, Bourne & Shepherd's I. 1-6-06
Grunwell Hartley Sgt., R.E. I. 14-4-19
Guest Joseph Alfred Merchant J. 18-5-52
Gunn William Captain, Army Vety. Dept. J. 11-7-98
Gurnam Singh Confidential Secretary, Patiala State I. 17-7-14
Hadow Douglas Scott Superintendent of Police J. 8-12-19
Haegert Rudolph Clerk I. 12-7-86
Hale (As serving Bro.) Alexander Municiple Overseer J. 13-6-87 Rj.8-4-89 Rj.9-6-98
Hale George Herbert Lieut., H.E.I.C. Service J. 18-8-56 Rj. 20-5-61
Hale James William Sergeant, R.A. I. 9-9-89 Rj.10-7-93 Rj.14-9-03
Halkett James Captain, H.M.S. J. 22-5-51
Hamilton Augustus William Draper J. 3-5-75
Hamilton James Charles Lieut. H.E.I.C. Service I. 16-6-53 Rj. 21-4-62
Hamilton John Butler Surgeon Major, I.M.S. J. 23-9-78
Hamilton The Hon' Ralph Lieut., 3rd Hussars J. 12-11-06
Hamilton Robert Thomas Francis Ensign, H.M's Service I. 18-7-53
Hamlett Robert Henry Lieut. I.A.R.O. I. 12-8-20
Hammett Percy Arthur John Military Clerk I. 9-12-18
Hammond J. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Punjab J. 13-8-00
Harbord The Hon' Walter Lieut., H.M's Service I. 23-5-59
Harbour Arthur Edwin Mechanical Engineer J. 27-6-10
Hardaker Richard Lieut., Commissariat Deptt. I. 10-6-89
Harding Charles Job Overseer, P.W.D. I. 15-5-54 Rj. 7-7-62 Rj. 4-8-68
Hardinge F. Personal Int. to H.E. the C.-in-C. J. 8-8-49
Hardwicke Cyril Edwin Lieut., Tank Corps I. 11-7-21
Harrington Frank Photographer J. 11-8-02
Harrington Herbert Baring Telegraph Department J. 11-7-59
Harris Albert Edward Artist J. 8-7-95
Harris Henry Truman Manager, Messrs. Tellery & Co. J. 10-6-95
Harris James Thomas Lieut., H.E.I.C. Service I. 2-8-58
Harris Robert Robertson Lieut. 67th B.I. I. 22-8-49
Harrison Allan George Banker I. 13-9-97
Harrison Richard Lieut., H.M's Service J. 4-7-59
Harrop Ernest Sergt. 1st Battn. King's Liverpools I. 23-6-17
Hartopp Edward Captain H.M's Service I. 2-8-75
Harvey Noble Spear Assistant Surg. S.M.D. J. 13-4-03
Harvey Phillip Lieut., Indian Army I. 12-7-20
Hassell Alfred Charles Jeweller I. 14-7-24
Haverty William John Military Clerk I. 21-9-68
Hawes Walter Army Schoolmaster J. 8-4-18
Hawkes Frederick Welman Captain, I.S.C. J. 9-5.04
Hawkins John Sergeant, R.A. I. 25-6-06
Hawkesworth George Accountant I. 4-8-68
Hay J.M. Surgeon to Lt. Gov. N.W.P. Agra J. 26-9-49
Hay Lord Frederick I.C.S. I. 19-7-58
Hay Lord William Montagu I.C.S. I. 17-10-53
Healey George Ernest Permanet Way Inspector, K.S. State Railway J. 13-5-07
Heard Richard Major, I.M.S. J. 13-2-05
Heerjeebhoy Muncherjee Framjee - Merchant I. 9-7-83 Rj. 11-7-87
Henderson Henry Bartley I.C.S. J. 19-10-58
Henderson John Acheson A.D.C. to Viceroy J. 9-7-88
Henley Arthur Lieutenant, H.H.M's Service I. 23-5-59
Henry Daniel Soloman Merchant I. 19-10-58
Henry William Daniel Banker J. 11-4-04
Hentschell Horman Photographer J. 10-6-95
Herbert Harry Merchant I. 1-5-54
Hewett John Prescott Under Secretary to Govt, Home Dept. I.9-7-88 Rj.8-6-91,13-8-94 & 7-6-05
Hewett Murray Selwood Major Indian Army J. 13-12-20
Hewson Francis Thomas I.C.S. I. 15-7-78
Heysham Thomas Bird Clerk I. 10-5-86 Rj. 10-4-11
Hickey Robert John Fayrer Lieutenant 1st En. Ben. Fus. J. 1-10-51
Hickey William Alex. George Lieut. 32nd ,.I. I. 18-6-51
Hickie William Arthur Army School Master J. 9-7-88
Hicks Edward William Military clerk J. 10-9-06 Rj. 12-4-09
Hicks William Warrant Officer J. 9-6-02
Hide - No record -
Higgins Alfred Edward Military Clerk J. 8-4-18
Higgins James Richard Sub. Medl. Deptt. J. 7-8-54
Higgins Edmund Gordon Captain H.M's Service J. 4-7-59 Rj. 1-8-62
Higgins Percy Wardman Military Clerk I. 9-4-17
Higgins Walter Alfred Superintendent, Motor Dept. Patiala State I. 17-7-14
Higgs Ernest Bertram Clerk I. 14-10-07
Hignell Thomas Victor Paine Out fitters' Manager I. 13-7-25
Hildesley Revd. A.H. Military Chaplain -
Hill Alfred John Military Clerk J. 12-7-09 Rj. 11-10-15
Hill George Edward Captain, British Army I. 11-10-20
Hill George Mytton Captain, 17th B.I. Rj. 3-7-50
Hill Harry Charles I.G. of Forests J. 12-8-95
Hill Henry Seymour Captain, Bengal Army J. 2-9-62
Hill Richard Chemist I. 10-8-59 Rj. 20-5-61
Hill Rowland Captain, 70th B.I. Rj. 3-7-50
Hill William Assistant, Messrs. Cooke & Kelvey J. 6-6-64 Rj. 6-6-81
Hinde Charles Thomas Edward Colonel, Indian Army I. 13-8-60 Rj. 16-9-62
Hipkins Francis Ernest Blanchard Military Clerk J. 10-1-10
Hira Singh - Cashier, U.S. Club J. 13-1-08
Hitchins Charles Tatham Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 15-9-56
Hobson Henry Chemist I. 21-7-68
Hodder William School Master J. 13-6-87
Hoff Frederick Cornelius Clerk J. 11-8-90
Hoff William Hale Clerk J. 16-8-49
Hoghton William Alexander Sergeant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 17-7-52 Rj.14-11-53
Holland Robert Erskine I.C.S. J. 10-7-05
Holliday Clifford Howard Optician I. 12-5-24
Hollis Leslie Seymour Warrant Officer I.A.S.C. J. 13-8-23
Holloway Percy John Comptroller's Asst, H.E. the Viceroy's Household J. 12-7-26
Holroyd George Captain, H.E.I.C. Service J. 12-7-26
Hopkins Joseph Controller of Accts. I. 4-10-75 Rj. 5-5-79
Horsey Thomas Frederick Charles Military Clerk J. 15-12-04
Hoskyn John Cunningham Moore Captain, I.A. J. 7-6-05
Hossenlop Robert Leon Hotel Proprietor I. 11-3-95
Howatson Frederick Pitt Alexander Clerk J. 1-5-82
Howell Llewellyn James Captain I.C.S. J. 8-6-96
Howey John Robe Military Clerk I. 12-6-11
Huff Albert William Military Clerk J. 10-5-20
Hughes Reginald Tharle Military Clerk J. 11-2-01
Hughes Robert William Clerk J. 8-3-09
Hume-Spry Will Edmund Captain Indian Army J. 10-7-11 Rj. 8-5-22
Humm Percy Stanley Captain, Dental Surgeon J. 8-12-19
Humphrey Francis Allen Walker Draper I. 8-6-08 Rj. 9-7-23
Humphrey Alfred Frederick Military Clerk J. 13-8-06 Rj. 10-8-08
Hunt George Archibald Dy. Superintendent of Telegraphs I. 9-8-20 Rj. 14-12-25
Hunter Harry Renfrew Dental Surgeon J. 16-6-14
Hussey Henry Lieut. Inspector of Army Schools I. 11-10-15
Hynd W.T. Merchant J. 11-5-96
Inayat Ali Khan Sahib - Nill I. 15-8-79
Ingle Henry Charles Staff-Sergeant R.A.S.C. J. 8-9-24
Inglis William Malcolm No record J. 1-6-63
Ingram Benjamin Military Clerk J- 14-10-01 Rj. 14-8-05
Innes Peter Colonel, H.E.I.C. Service Rj. 16-6-56
Ireland Harry Robert Telegraph Master J. 12-6-22
Irwin Henry Civil Engineer J. 23-4-83
Ishar Das Puri - Clerk J. 10-6-13
Ishwar Das - Of Kapurthala State I. 3-6-14
Ivan Chen - Special Plenipotentiary of the Republic of China, China-Thibet Conference I. 3-6-14
Jackson R.W.H. Captain, R.A.M.C. J. 8-7-01
Jackson Sydney Crosby Captain, H.M.S. J. 20-6-53
Jackson Thomas Henry Staff-Sergeant I.A.O.C. J. 14-12-25
Jacob Alexander Malcolm Jeweller J. 16-6-79  Rj. 10-10-87
Jaikishen Kapur - Clerk J. 12-8-07
Jal Framjee Masters - Clerk I. 10-3-24
James Abraham Clerk J. 14-5-83
James Arthur Harvey Journalist I. 8-6-96
James Charles Henry Civil Surgeon J. 10-8-14
James Edward Bertram Accountant, M.W.S. J. 14-5-06
James George Atkinson Accountant, P.W.D. I. 14-8-82
James Stanlake Member of the Roy. Col. of Surgeons I. 14-6-97
Jameson Thomas Military Clerk I. 4-8-68 Rj. 21-4-73
Jefford Charles Victor Military Clerk J. 12-11-17
Jeffrey George Merchant J. 8-5-50
Jeffrey George Captain H.M's Service J. 21-5-55
Jenn William Henry Musician I. 14-11-98
John E. Rochfort Assistant Supdt Punjab Police I. 5-10-95
John Peter Sophocles Bar-at-Law J. 9-9-95
Johnson Edgar Osborne Lieut. I.M.D. J. 10-9-23
Johnson Richard Government Contractor J. 11-5-85
Johnston David E. Secretary Municipal Comtee J. 13-6-04
Johnstone Eustace Martin Octroi Superintendent I. 11-2-07
Jones Alexander Clerk I. 21-8-71
Jones Harry Harvey Major Indian Army J. 10-7-11
Jones Harry Reynold Military Clerk J. 8-2-15
Jones Lewis John Fillies Lieut. H.M's Service I. 4-7-59
Jones-Mortimer Lambton Alex Captain, Somerset L.I. J. 13-6-04
Jones Robert Merchant's Assistant I. 26-7-09
Jones William Printer J. 9-1-99
Joseph Arthur Frederick Schoolmaster J. 9-9-12
Jowett Thomas John Chemist I. 18-1-69
Kaikhushro Maneksha Mistri - Private Sec. to H.H. the Maharaja of Patiala I. 17-7-14
Kaishree Singh H.H. Maharao of Sirohee - I. 17-7-14
Kazi Maneksha Mistri - Ex. Asst. Comr. J. 22-6-08
Keki Dinshaw Heerjeebhoy Framjee - Merchant I. 13-8-23
Kelly William Accountant P.W.D. J. 11-6-00
Kemp Walter Henry Vety, Major C.V.D. I. 14-6-97
Kennard Albert Sergeant Major, R.A. I. 8-10-00
Kent H. Jeweller J. 12-6-99
Kerr Charles William Ernest Asst. Surgeon, S.M.D. J. 10-4-05
Kevan Peter Charles Military Pensioner J. 13-12-20
Key Frank Llewellyn School Master I. 16-11-91
Kherod Nath Mitter - Clerk I. 12-8-01
King Thomas See Konigs -
King-Harman Montague Jocelyn Colonel I.A. J. 13-6-92
Kishen Singh - Aide-de-Camp to H.H. the Maharaja of Patiala J. 13-6-92
Kitchener Herbert Horatio, Viscount General, Commander-in-Chief i India J. 13-4-03
Knowles Thomas William Engineer J. 4-8-62
Knowles Charles James Clerk I. 8-6-08
Konig Julius, Alias Thomas King Military Clerk I. 15-5-82
Korper George B. Military Clerk J. 5-9-81
Kramer Wana Director of Physical Training Patiala State I. 13-7-14
Kutch Behar H.H. the Maharaja (see Nripendra Narayan) -
Laing James Merchant 9-9-01
Lambert Henry McLaren Captain, 1st Dragoon I. 11-7-04
Lampat Percy Electrical Engr. I. 11-6-00
Landseer George Artist J. 4-8-62 Rj. 15-7-72
Lang John Editor, Moff'lite Paper J. 5-6-50
Lascelles the Hon'ble C.G. Lieutenant, H.M's Service I. 20-9-75
Lawrence Alexander Samuel Clerk J. 7-6-05
Lawrence Alfred Frederick Warrant Officer H.E. the Viceroy's Band I. 22-11-09
Lawson Ernest Fenton Jeweller I. 14-8-11
Leach John Lieutenant, R.H.A. I. 31-7-77
Leech William Henry Sergeant Somerset L.I. I. 1-11-95
Lee-Baker Leonard Humphrey Clerk in Holy Orders J. 12-6-22
Leeson Arthur Warrant Officer I.A.O.C. J. 9-8-26
Legh Herbert Cuthbert Captain, King's Royal Rifles J. 9-10-88
Leigh Frank Asst. Secretary, Punjab Govt. I. 21-7-86 Rj. 9-7-88 Rj. 9-7-94 Rj. 10-8-96
LeMaistre George Harry Civil Engineer J. 14-6-97
Lemarchand Charles Heyman D.S. of Police J. 8-4-89
Lemon William Clerk I. 11-7-59
Lennox James Military Clerk I. 8-8-87 Rj.8-10-94 Rj.13-2-05
Lennox William Assistant, Thacker Spink & Co. I. 9-7-06
Levinge Charles Hugh Captain late 93rd Foot J. 4-5-63
Lewsey Thomas Lionel Photographer J. 8-3-69
Lewsey William Russell Clerk I. 19-5-56 Rj. 21-4-62
Lewis Edgar Samuel Punjab Civil Service I. 8-8-21
Lewis Thomas Oddian Military Clerk J. 10-2-19
Liddell Silas Hiscutt Printer I. 13-10-13
Line Richard Electrical  Engineer J. 12-12-21
Line Robert Samuel Musician, H.E. the Viceroy's Orchestra J. 13-9-26
Linford Wilberforce Sergt. Instructor, Simla Volunteers J. 10-2-02
Litchfield John William Condr. Comst. Deptt J. 14-9-91
Litster Archibald Military Clerk J. 18-8-62 Rj. 3-7-65 Rj.7-6-69 Rj. 2-4-77 Rj. 21-4-79
Lloyd Thomas Military Clerk J. 13-5-01
Lock Edgar Samuel Military Clerk I. 12-11-17
Loggie James Draper J. 13-4-96
Longridge James Atkinson Captain I.A. J. 10-4-05
Lorimer John Gordon I.C.S. J. 13-11-99
Low Robert Cunliffe Lieutenant, Indian Army I. 10-8-59
Luard Peter William Major, Indian Army I. 10-8-59
Luck George General, H.M's Service J. 13-8-88
Luckis Charles Pardy Major, I.M.S. I. 5-8-99 Rj. 28-6-09
Lumgair David Herbert Band Master, Garhwal Rifles I. 11-8-02
Lundy Edwin Arthur Surgeon Dentist J. 10-9-94
Lynch Michael Clerk I. 21-5-66
Lyons Alexander Sub Medical Dept I. 24-6-63
Lyster Harry Hamon Captain, H.M's Service J. 21-7-62
MacCall Henry Blackwood Captain 60th R. Rifles J. 17-6-78
Macdonald Robert Graham Clerk I. 17-6-78 Rj. 9-7-83
Mack Herr William Musician -
Mackenzie Alexander Kincard Johnston Canning Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 20-9-58
Mackenzie Alexander Robert Davidson Colonel, I.A. J. 13-8-94
Mackenzie Francis James Napier Lieutenant, H-M's Service J. 4-7-59
Mackenzie James Lieut-Col. H.E.I.C. Service J. 13-4-53 Rj. 1-1-56
Mackinnon Walter Architect I. 10-2-02
Macleay James Ronald Lieutenant, R.A. J. 4-5-63 Rj.20-5-61 Rj.17-8-63
Macleod Charles Higgot Clerk J. 4-5-63 Rj.21-8-71 Rj.19-6-76
Macnab Allan James Major, I.M.S. J. 7-6-05
Maconchy Ernest William Stuart King Colonel, Indian Army J. 14-6-09
Maconochie Alexander Francis I.C.S. I. 5-6-95
Maconochie Edward I.C.S. J. 12-9-98
Macpherson Duncan Lieutenant, H.M's Service J. 4-7-59
Maelzer Reginald Arnold Electrical Engineer I. 12-7-20
Magson Charles Struct Engineer I. 11-4-27
Maguay Christopher Lieutenant, 22nd N.I. I. 4-10-51
Mahomed Pir Buksh - Barrister-at-Law J.  9-7-00
Maiden Charles Bowers Postmaster J. 13-5-12
Mainwaring Edward Phillipson Lieutenant, H.M's Service I. 1-12-62
Maitland Pelham James Colonel, B.S.C. I. 12-10-91
Man Mohan - Banker J. 14-9-14
Mandy George Merchant I. 20-5-61
Manley Clifford Military Clerk I. 21-5-77 Rj. 1-5-82
Mansfield Leopold Albert Ernest Military Clerk I. 11-9-93
Manuel John Clerk I. 7-6-69 Rj. 19-6-76
Manuel Wilton Clerk I. 17-10-87
Marckman George John Military Clerk J. 18-4-81
Marcoolyn Henry John Military Clerk I. 14-3-92 Rj. 8-10-00
Marriott Edward Frere Major, I.S.C. I. 8-3-97
Marsden Charles John Military Clerk J. 17-6-72 Rj. 20-5-78
Marsh Thomas Manager, Murree Brewery I. 21-5-66
Marshall C.H.T. Colonel, B.S.C. J. 10-9-88
Marshall George W. Clerk J. 13-6-04 Rj. 12-10-08
Marshall Percy Harold Military Clerk J. 10-5-09 Rj. 12-5-15
Martin Algernon Shelton St. Engineer J. 12-11-23
Martin William Jeremiah Phillips Assistant Surgeon, I.S.M.D. J. 8-9-13
Massy Harry Stanley Lieutenant, 19th B.L. J. 3-6-78 Rj.11-6-83
Masters J.F. See Jal Framjee Masters -
Masters S.F. See Shavak Framjee Masters -
Matheson Frederick John Military Clerk J. 11-10-20
Mathews A.H. Secretary Simla Bank
Mathews Frederick William Asst. Surgeon, S.M.D. J. 13-5-07
Maula Bakhsh - Attache, F. & P. Dept. I. 10-7-16
Maxwell John Harley Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 23-5-53 Rj. 16-6-56
Maxwell Thomas Colville Actor and Vocalist I. 9-2-14
May Alexander George Henry Engineer J. 12-4-09
Mayer George Hugh Sergt. 1/4th Devon Regiment I. 9-10-16
McAllister Robert Hastings Clerk J. 8-6-85
McCarthy Washington Merchant's Clerk -
McCarthy William Thomas Military Clerk J. 11-3-12 Rj, 13-9-20
McDermott John Military Clerk J. 20-9-80 Rj.8-6-85 Rj.13-5-89
McGowan William Henry Post Master I. 21-8-52
McGregor Duncan Municipal Overseer I. 19-7-80 Rj. 13-7-85
McGregor Robert Lewis Grant Captain, H.M's Service I. 2-9-62
McGregor-Cheers John Military Clerk J. 14-5-00 Rj. 13-1-02
McIntyre Peter Military Clerk J. 27-6-10
McKay John Military Mechanist, R.E. J. 10-6-13
McMahon Arthur Henry Colonel, Indian Army J. 12-6-11
McRae Collin Stuart Military Clerk I. 19-4-75
Meakin Harry George Brewer I. 21-8-71
Meema Mull - Clerk J. 12-5-84
Mela Ram - Assistant Surgeon S.M.D. I. 9-1-05
Mendies Arthur Gerald Assistant Office of Chief Controller of Stores I. 9-7-23
Menne Carl Joseph Secretary to Imperial German Consulate General I. 12-6-11
Meston James Scorgie I.C.S. J. 9-10-06
Metcalfe Edward Lieutenant, H.M's Service J. 2-9-62
Metcalfe J. Captain A.D.C. toGov. Genl. J. 8-8-49
Michael John Adolphus Govt. Telegraph Department I. 1-6-06
Michell George Bruce Military Officer Major, S. and Camel Corps Rj. 8-8-49
Michell George Martin Batty, Sergeant Major, R.A. I. 16-9-89
Miles C.W. Lieut. 23rd N.I. J. 22-8-49
Miller Hon'ble Sir Alexander Edward Member of Council I. 23-5-92
Millington Victor Cowper Chauffeur, Viceregal Lodge I. 14-5-17
Mills Daniel Timothy Sub-Medical Department J. 12-7-86
Milne Frederick Latour Electrical Engineer J. 11-3-12
Minto Archibald Henry Assistant Indian Stores Dept. I. 12-10-25
Mitchell Cyril Brewer J. 11-2-07
Mitchell Peter Clerk I. 21-5-66
Mitchell William Engineer J. 14-4-02
Mitchell William Marcus Sub-Medical Department J. 18-1-69 Rj. 21-6-80
Moffat J.D. Captain, 11th L.C. J. 8-8-49
Moshin Ali - Dist. I. of Police J. 14-8-82
Molyneux Edward No record J. 1-6-63
Monkton Henry I.C.S. J. 26-6-52
Monkton Oliver Paul Engineer I. 10-9-06
Money George Edward Lieut.-Col. I.C.S. J. 14-10-95
Monro George Edward Military Clerk J. 12-2-00
Monro George Lieutenant 72 Highlrs I. 2-9-78
Montgomery Charles Lyons Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service J. 21-8-52
Montgomery Robert Armidal Kerr Lieutenant, R.H.A. I. 22-9-88
Moody Alfred Ernest Military Clerk J. 11-10-09
Moody William Ernest Major, I.M.D. J. 8-2-26
Moorland John Colonel, B.S.C. J. 5-9-70
Moorman Richard Clerk I. 18-5-63
More Lancelot Paxton Lt. Col. R.A.M.C. J. 11-10-15
Morrell William Steward Bishop Cotton School J. 12-8-95 Rj. 11-4-98
Morris Thomas Merchant I. 3-5-69
Morris Thomas Major Military Clerk I. 8-9-19
Morris Arthur Municiple Overseer J. 9-5-92 Rj. 13-5-18
Morrow Charles Thomas Warrant Officer, I.M.L. I. 14-5-17
Moss Benjamin Hugh Overseer, P.W.D. I. 10-10-04 Rj. 13-5-18
Muller-Desroches Jean Ignace Professor of Languages I. 27-9-09
Mullins William Telegraph Master J. 11-5-91 Rj. 13-6-98
Murray Charles John Captain, I.M.C. I. 23-11-18
Murray Thomas Clerk I. 23-5-53
Murray Kenneth Merchant J. 29-5-65
Mutimer Jack Military Clerk J. 12-8-12
Myatt Arthur Egbert Soldier J. 14-9-96
Myers Benjamin Clerk I. 21-8-65
Myers J.E. Overseer P.W.D. J. 6-9-80
Nangle Montague Claude Captain, I.A. I. 13-8-06
Narayandas Talwar - Inspector of Post Offices I. 14-7-13
Napier George S. Frederick Captain Oxford L.I. J. 11-5-96
Nembhard John Frederick Major H.E.I.C. 16-6-53
Newland Frederick Draper's Manager I. 10-12-23
Newman Felix Lawrence Military Clerk J. 11-5-03
Newman Walter Reginald Clerk I. 5-7-66 Rj. 7-8-71
Nicholetts H.S. Telegraph Dept. I. 20-5-61
Nickels Thomas Barrister-at-Law J. 13-8-06
Nirmal Chunder Sen - Private Secretary to Maharaja Kuch Behar J. 9-7-00
Nixon Edward Gladstone Sergeant R.A. I. 9-9-89
Noel-Paton Frederick D.G. of Commercial Intelligence J. 7-6-05
Nowell Frederick Steward to H.E. the Viceroy I. 10-10-87
Nripendra Narayan Maharaja Kuch Behar - J. 10-9-83
Oakes Edward Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service J. 22-5-51
O'Conner Edward Treston School Master I. 24-6-65
O'Conner Malcolm S. Scott Asst. Secretary Railway Board J. 11-6-06
O'Conner Mark Clerk I. 5-7-66
O'Conor James Edward Under Secretary to Government Finance Dept. J. 5-8-67 Rj.21-8-71 Rj.13-8-94
Ogden William Accountant P.W.D. I. 3-6-78
Okhoy Coomar Roy - Clerk J. 9-9-95
Oldfield Henry Ambrose Residency Surgeon Nepaul J. 16-8-49
Otter Charles James Major H.M.S. J. 7-7-51
Ottley John W. Captain R.E. J. 15-7-78
Ottley William John Captain I.S.C. I. 12-8-01
Otto Bertram Charles William Clerk I. 10-7-16
Owen Charles Arthur Asst. Surgeon I.M.S. I. 11-11-95 Rj. 14-6-20
Owen Charles William Major I.M.S. J. 8-8-92
Paige Reginald Herbert Draper I. 13-8-06
Palin Loranst Frederick Musician I. 16-9-62
Palmer Sir Arthur Power General, C.-in-C. in India J. 10-6-01
Palmer Barry Military Surgeon J. 13-8-83
Palmer Henry Major H.E.I.C. service J. 4-7-53
Palmer - - -
Palmer Ropert Chetwynd Journalisy J. 11-9-16
Park Gabriel Frederick William Jacob Merchant I. 20-8-55
Parker Edwin Woodall District Judge J. 8-8-87 Rj. 11-7-98
Parker George Robinson Tailor I. 12-11-17
Parkes Thomas Sergeant R.A. I. 22-9-90
Parsons Clement George Captain I.S.C. J. 10-7-99
Patiala H.H. the Maharaja of See Bhupindar Singh Mahindar -
Patterson Alexander Bleakley Commissioner of Salt Revenues J. 10-9-94
Patterson Arthur Robert Captain I.S.M.D. I. 9-4-17
Paxton Ralph Ernest Assistant Parke, Davis & Co. J. 9-10-06
Peachey Lional Richard Mechanical Engineer I. 14-2-10
Pears Stewart E. I.C.S. J. 13-8-00
Pearson Alfred Military Officer I. 22-8-49 Rj. 5-6-51
Pearson Elof Tailor's Cutter I. 11-8-02
Pease Henry Thomas, C.I.E. Colonel, Civil Vety. Dept. J. 9-9-07 Rj. 26-7-09
Pemberton Duncan Scott Lieutenant, H.E.I.C. Service I. 2-8-58
Pepper Henry Military Clerk J. 13-1-02
Perry Francis Clerk I. 17-9-51 Rj. 14-11-53
Pertab Singh - Civil Service J. 11-7-98 Rj. 26-7-09
Peyton Algernon F. Lieutenant 3rd Hussars I. 31-7-77
Perushottam Sinha - Clerk J. 9-10-11
Phelps Arthur Austin Auctioneer and Estate Agent J. 11-8-13
Phelps Harry Richbell Tailor J. 18-9-06
Phelps John Isaac Tailor I. 2-9-68 Rj.20-9-75 Rj.8-10-83
Philipe George William(eRhe Clerk J. 9-5-92
Phool Chand Lala Store Keeper, U.S. Club I. 13-10-84
Pilcher Frederick Jones Asst Secy. Army Temperance Association J. 13-5-95
Pilcher Victor George Sergeant R.A. I. 9-4-00
Piper Charles Frederick Merchant's Assistant J. 12-10-85
Pitman Frederick Henry Tailor's Cutter I. 11-4-21
Pitts Thomas Alwyne Military Clerk J. 9-12-18
Plowden Henry Gordon Chicheley Captain 11th I.C. J. 12-10-49
Pluck Harry Military Clerk J. 10-4-11
Pogson John Frederick Lieutenant Invalid Estabt. Rj. 3-9-51 Rj. 27-5-66
Polacek Camillo Karl Photographer J. 14-4-02
Polden Robert James Military Surgeon I. 15-5-82
Poole George Edward Sub-Medical Department Rj. 8-8-49 Rj. 16-8-58
Porter Geoffrey Morehead Lieutenant R.E. I. 20-8-77
Porter F. Assistant Ranken & Co. J. 11-6-00
Powell Francis Graham Captain H.M's Service J. 2-9-62
Power James Otway Blenerhasset Clerk I. 9-8-86 Rj. 9-6-90 Rj. 8-8-92
Pratt D. Lieutenant 22nd N.I. I. 17-9-51
Pregno Caesar Hotel Manager J. 19-12-06 Rj. 10-7-11
Press Frederick Nimrod Military Clerk I.10-8-96Rj.12-10-03Rj.15-6-21
Price Arthur Roland Electrical Engineer J. 16-6-14
Prinsep the Hon. Sir H.T. Judge of High Court Calcutta J. 13-7-96
Prior Charles James Military Clerk J. 13-6-10
Probodh Chandra Mukherjee - Clerk I. 22-8-11
Pruce Frederick Jervis Clerk J. 11-7-98
Pryce Athelstone Robert Captain 13th Hussars I. 31-7-77
Pye James Warrant Officer P.W.D. J. 12-12-21
Pymm Russell Austin Hair Dresser I. 12-10-85 Rj. 13-5-89
Quarry Frederick William Pleader J. 1-2-69
Quick Leopold E. Jeweller J. 8-7-89
Quigley Andrew Lindsay Kennedy Clerk J. 1-10-60 Rj. 1-4-63 Rj.1-5-76
Quinnell Richard James Sub-Med. Dept. I. 28-8-54
Rae Ernest Alfred Engineer J. 12-4-09
Radcliffe Septimus Augustus Howlet Merchant I. 5-9-70
Radha Kishen - Clerk J. 12-11-94
Raj Coomar Dutt - Clerk I. 13-9-86
Raleigh Adrian Gifford Lieut. 2nd Battn. Leicestershire Regiment I. 11-11-20
Ralph James Overseer P.W.D. J. 1-5-82
Ram Ratan Puri - Clerk J. 8-7-95
Ramji Das - Clerk J. 12-8-12
Ramsay Alexander Merchant I. 18-8-68
Ramsay James Major H.E.I.C. service J. 8-8-49
Randall Robert John Military Clerk I. 12-8-18
Rawlins Thomas W. I.C.S. J. 6-8-77
Rawlinson Henry Seymour Lieutenant A.D.C. to C. in C. J. 9-10-88
Read Frank Joseph Jeweller J. 11-8-13
Reader John Warrant Officer I.O.D. I. 10-7-22
Rebeiro John Dolby Pleader I. 18-7-81
Reeves-Brown Gerald Chemist I. 7-6-07 Rj. 14-5-17
Reinhold Charles Merchant I. 3-8-74
Rennick Frank Robert Lieutenant, I.A. I. 16-11-91
Revnell Revd Arthur Jesse Wesleyan Minister & Superintending Wesleyan Chaplain in India I. 9-8-26
Reynolds Harry Lewis Military Clerk I. 12-5-02 Rj. 9-10-06
Richardson Herbert Military Clerk J. 9-12-18
Richardson Ralph Warrant Officer J.O.D. J. 12-6-22
Riches Charles Soldier J. 10-8-96
Riddell Henry Philip Archibald Buchanan I.C.S. Rj. 8-8-49
Rippon Thomas Stanley R.A.M.C. Medical Staff R.A.F. J. 13-9-20
Rivers George Charles Commercial Accountant I. 1-9-73
Robberds Revd Frederick Clerk in Holy Orders J. 10-6-67
Robertson Arthur Clerk J. 20-6-64
Robertson Bertram James Military Clerk J. 10-5-15 Rj. 12-11-17
Robertson John Military Clerk J. 19-4-75 Rj.8-2-92 Rj.13-4-96
Robertson Roderick Captain, 70th B.I. J. 5-6-51
Robertson William I.C.S. I. 16-8-5
Robinson Henry Mould Revd School Master J. 12-7-86
Robinson William Ernest Telegraph Engineer J. 14-4-24
Rochelle William Sergeant R.A. I. 8-7-89
Rocke Cyril Edmund Alan Spencer Captain I.A. J. 8-9-13
Rodgers James Randolph Assistant Foreign & Political Dept I. 10-7-16
Rodgers Rivers Thomas Asst. Surgeon, S.M.D. J. 10-9-00
Rogers Edward Frederick Bright Clerk I. 11-7-21
Rogers Felix Deeble Military Clerk J. 11-10-20
Rogers T. Military Clerk J. 11-3-95
Rose Charles Archibald Walker H.M. Consular Service I. 11-5-14
Rose George William Chemist J. 8-6-91
Rose Horace Arthur I.C.S. J. 13-1-02
Rose Harcourt Ranking Captain I.A. J. 3-9-77
Rose John Sergeant R.A. I. 1-6-06
Rosetti Luigi Musician J. 12-7-86
Ross Alfred Newton Assistant Surgeon I.S.M.D. I. 23-6-17
Ross James Adolphus Cornet 5 L.C. I. 17-10-49
Rosser John Campbell Military Clerk J. 28-6-09
Rotton Arthur Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service J. 10-9-58
Rowland Henry Military Clerk J. 10-5-09
Rowley William Henry Sergeant R.A. I. 10-10-87
Roy G.K. See Gouri Kant Roy -
Roy O.C. See Ookhoy Coomar Roy -
Royston Charles Philip Yorke Viscount Lieutenant H.M's service I. 23-5-59
Rubenstein Maurice Hairdresser J. 8-9-13 Rj. 11-6-17
Rudolph Norman Scott Chemist I. 12-6-99
Ruegg Alfred James Military Clerk J. 8-4-01
Russell Henry George Manager Messrs. Kneller & Coy J. 10-2-13 Rj. 11-5-25
Russell Maurice John Merchant I. 10-8-85
Russell William Albert Principal Vety. Surgeon J. 11-5-91
Russell-Stuart Albert Edward Bandmaster I. 8-2-09
Rutledge David Clerk I. 8-7-89
Ruxton George Percy Warrant Officer Supply & Transport Corps I. 9-10-06
Ryan Henry Edward Clerk I. 18-8-68
Sams Herbert Arthur I.C.S. I. 12-8-01
Samuels Samuel Loco Foreman S.K.S. Railway J. 8-5-05
Sandbach Arthur Edward Lieut.-Col. R.E. J. 13-3-99
Sanders Revd. Montagu Charles Chaplain Church of England J. 14-3-98
Sanderson Thomas Ray Warrant Officer I.O.D. I. 10-7-22
Sanderson R.W. Clerk J. 8-6-96 Rj. 13-8-00
Sanford George Batthyany Major, I.A. J. 9-5-10
Sanford George Edward Langham Somerset Lieut.-Col. R.E. I. 19-7-80
Sarel Henry Andrew Colonel H.M's Service J. 21-7-62
Sartorius Reginald W. V.C.C.M.G. Major B.S.C. J. 4-10-75 Rj. 16-7-77
Saunders Charles John Godfrey Clerk in Holy Orders J. 13-11-22
Saville William James Army Schoolmaster J. 13-5-18
Scatcherd John Frederick Sanitary Engineer J. 10-11-24
Schofield Arthur Bernard Military Clerk I. 14-7-19
Schrodea Earnst School Master I. 13-9-97
Schwaiger Imre Geo Maria Merchant J. 11-5-96
Scott Archibald Sub-Engineer P.W.D. J. 6-6-82
Scott James Clerk J. 10-8-85 Rj. 13-5-95
Scott Malcolm de Burgh Major R.A.M.C. J. 11-4-21
Sealy Philip Temple Captain, R.A.S.C. J. 11-4-21
Seddons J.H. Draper's Asst. J. 14-5.00
Seide Charles Herr Band Master Viceroy's Band J. 21-6-75
Sellors Samuel Robert Civil Engineer J. 14-11-92 Rj. 9-7-94
Sen N.C. See Nirmal Chunder Sen -
Shanker Dayal Vakil Patiala State I. 13-7-91
Shavak Framjee Masters Confectioner's Manager I. 12-1-25
Shaw Ernest Accountant J. 9-912
Shaw Ernest Reginald Jeweller I. 8-9-24
Shaw Lindsay John Military Clerk I. 14-9-91
Shearcroft Reginald James Military Clerk J. 8-919
Shearer Johnston Surgeon Major I.M.S. J. 13-1-96
Shepherd Robert Stephen McGregor Journalist I. 10-7-99
Sheppard James Military Clerk I. 13-10-19
Sherer Joseph Ford Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service I. 13-8-51
Showell George Washington Bank Clerk I. 19-4-75 Rj. 16-4-77
Shute Arthur Fitzgerald Civil Engineer I. 14-7-02
Sibol Rudolph Professor of Music J. 19-6-54
Sills Gerald Charles Captain, British Service I. 10-1-21
Simpson Archibald Colour Sergt. K.O.S.B. I. 11-5-91
Simpson Arthur Lind Banker J. 10-1-21
Simpson Benjamin Military Clerk J. 13-7-85 as serving Bro.
Simpson Charles Frederick Military Clerk I. 4-10-51
Simpson Edward James Captain H.E.I.C. Service J. 8-8-49
Sinclair J. Decoury Captain H.M's Service J. 8-8-49
Singleton William Overseer P.W.D. J. 16-8-80
Sital Singh  - Clerk J. 12-8-12
Smallwood Frank Graham Captain R.A. J. 12-8-01
Smith Charles Sergeant H.E. the Viceroy's Band J. 13-7-96
Smith Charles Military Clerk J. 12-1-14 Rj. 13-5-18
Smith Harry Military Clerk I. 5-6-65
Smith Henry Coape Ensign H.E.I.C. Service I. 20-10-56
Smith James Overseer P.W.D. J. 10-5-86
Smith John Colpoy Military Surgeon J. 5-6-51
Smith Walter Civil Engineer J. 14-5-83
Smith Walter Military Clerk I. 9-4-06
Smith William Dairy Expert I. 28-6-09
Smyth Thomas Cartwright Revd. Doctor J. 7-9-63
Smyth James Dutton Lieut. 98th Foot J. 16-8-49
Smyth Robert Allan Cornet 7 D. Gds. I. 1-6-63
Smythe Robert Sparrow Theatrical Manager I. 24-6-65
Snodgrass John Major H.M's 96 Foot J. 7-8-52
Sooboda Alexander Artist (Painter) I. 17-7-54
Sorrie Peter Military Clerk j. 19-4-75
Sparkes Thomas George Military Clerk I. 12-8-95 Rj. 3-3-99
Sprague Thomas Atwell Sergeant, 1/5th Somerset Regt. I. 1-5-17
Spur Thomas Supervisor P.W.D. J. 16-10-76
Stagg Joseph Elias Merchant's Assistant I. 4-7-70
Stansfield Henry Hamer Colonel B.S.C. J. 15-5-76
Steffen Charles Henry Louis Hotel Manager I. 13-10-24
Steiner Frederic Asst. Manager Cecil Hotel I. 11-7-21
Stephen William Clerk J. 16-4-77 Rj. 15-5-82
Stephens Bertie Edwin Clerk J. 16-6-14
Steuart Robert Dalrymple Lieutenant H.M's Service J. 11-7-59
Stevens Charles Osmond Hibbert Driver, Kalka Simla Railway J. 14-2-21
Stevens Robert Patrick Sergeant 1/6th East Surrey Regt. I. 13-11-16
Stewart Alexander McLeod Lieut., Genl. List Infantry J. 6-7-63
Stewart George Cosmo Captain R.A. J. 10-9-06
Stewart John Asst. Supdt. of Telegraphs J. 13-8-94 Rj. 12-6-99
Stirling John McNeish Warrant Officer I.M.D. J. 8-3-26
Stoddard Alfred Ernest Clerk J. 11-5-96
Stokes William Allan Captain E.R. -
Stooks Gerald Summer School Master I. 11-11-07
Stowell Walter Frederick Clerk I. 14-3-92
Stranack E.F. Banker J. 19-5-79
Stuart Charles Clerk I. 27-5-66
Suffolk Henry Molyneux Howard Howard, Earl of A.D.C. to H.E. the Viceroy I. 12-6-99
Sullivan Owen Charles Commission Agent I. 14-4-02 Rj.13-6-04 Rj.8-3-09
Sullivan James Hospital Steward J. 18-5-54
Summers Ambrose Hair Dresser I. 1-7-72
Sunder Lall Pathuk - Conservator of Forests Patiala State I. 14-10-89
Surendruath Mozoomda - Civil Assistant Surgeon J. 14-8-11
Swales William Henry Tailor I. 12-9-88
Swayne Eric John Eagles Captain I.S.C. I. 11-3-95
Sweet George William Ex. M.W. Accounts J. 14-4-90
Syed Amir Ali - Dy. Inspector of Police I. 9-7-83
Syed Mohamedah Imam - Barrister-at-Law Member of Council J. 14-8-11
Symes Edward Walton Chemist I. 1-2-69
Talbot James Major 2nd En. Ben. Fus. J. 27-7-52
Tanner Godfrey Dickson Assistant Thacker Spink & Co. J. 12-8-07
Tapp Henry Thomas House Agent Rj. 1850*
Tara Charan - Private Sec. H.H. the Maharaj Rana of Dholpur J. 9-8-15
Taunton George Edward Military Clerk J. 23-4-83
Tayler William Edward Conductor, I.A.O.C. J. 12-4-26
Taylor David Horse Trainer J. 11-5-96
Taylor Thomas Military Clerk I. 8-2-04
Teeling Charles O'Hagan Clerk I. 27-9-09
Tellery Auton Merchant J. 28-6-09
Tellery Frank Ignatius Architect I. 8-7-07
Temple Algar Bowdoin Ensign 49 B.I. I. 2-10-54
Temple Bernard Journalist J. 14-7-02
TenBrocke Anthony Henry Clerk I. 4-9-71
Terry Thomas William Sub-Conductor I.M.L. I. 12-8-18
Thakur Surat Singh Clerk J. 12-5-13
Thomason Archibald Fawcett Captain I.A. I. 13-8-06
Thompson John Stanley Lieutenant 1/7th Rajputs J. 13-10-19
Thomson George William Lieutenant R.A. I. 19-6-65
Thornhill Bensley Civil Engineer I. 9-9-01
Thornton Hector James Govt. Tel. Dept. I. 28-9-07
Thorpe Edward Courteney Military Surgeon I. 17-7-51 Rj. 18-7-70
Thrope Joseph Mathew Proprietor, Station Press I. 8-2-09
Tibbetts Henry William Hospital Steward J. 16-10-54
Tilley Christopher Robert Gunmaker's Asst. J. 9-5-04
Tinson John Sanitary Engineer J. 10-5-09 Rj. 8-7-12
Tissendie Walter Seymour Clerk J. 25-5-08 Rj. 23-8-09
Todhunter William Philip Sergeant, I.M.L. I. 14-5-17
Tomkyns Alexander Pakington Surgeon H.E.I.C. Service. I. 20-10-56
Topple Edward John Clerk I. 17-5-75
Towelle William Joseph Martin Merchant I. 2-8-75 Rj. 10-6-95
Townley George Merchant I. 4-7-81 Rj. 9-3-08
Treglown Sydney Tailor J. 8-5-05 Rj. 14-5-88
Trevelyan H.A. No record J. 20-5-61
Trower Frederick Courtney Captain H.M's Service -
Tucker Samuel Reeve Military Surgeon I. 10-6-50
Tufnell Carlton F. Civil Engineer J. 14-5-83
Turnbull Joseph Sergeant R.A. J. 14-5-06
Turner Augustus Henry Major I.A. J. 14-5-83
Turner F.M. No record J. 1-9-79
Turner Norman Francis Lieutenant British Service I. 11-4-21
Tyrrell C.R. Major R.A.M.C. J. 9-4-00
Udaibhan Singh Maharaja Rana of Dholpur J. 9-8-15
Unwin George Military Clerk J. 16-4-14
Upton Henry Edward Montague Dorrington, Clotsworthy Lieutenant 60th Rifles I. 5-8-78
Vanek Joseph Professor of Music J. 15-5-76
Vaughan Edward Gyles Captain I.A. I. 13-6-04
Vaughan Sidney George Soldier J. 10-8-96 Rj. 11-10-20
Veasey Thomas Walter Staff Sergeant I.A.O.C. J. 14-4-24
Verney Arthur James Stud Groom J. 10-7-05
Vibart Edmund Charles Lieutenant 11 B.I. I. 29-8-49
Vincent Arthur Hare Lieutenant H.M's Service I. 2-9-62
Vivian Francis Daniel I. 3-9-51 Rj. 19-5-56
Vogt Carl Frederick William Rudolph Manager Messrs Hanhart & Co. Jewellers J. 13-6-98
Vyall Henry Edwin Clerk J.15-7-72
Wade Richard Band Master 10th Hussars J. 16-5-08
Wahab Henry John Captain H.M's Service J. 7-7-62
Wakefield William Samuel Merchant J. 17-6-72 Rj. 15-6-74
Walker George No record J. 10-4-05
Walker James Lewis Banker J. 19-4-75 Rj. 8-9-84 Rj.9-8-86
Walker James William Army Schoolmaster J. 11-3-18
Walker John Clerk Simla Bank I. 16-8-49 J. 21-7-56
Wallace Annesley Frederick Merchant I. 11-6-61
Wallace George Clerk J. 5-8-72
Wallace Frank Ellerslie Assist Private Secy. to Maharaj Rana of Dianapur I. 20-8-91
Waller George Holland Military Clerk I. 6-7-63
Wallis Beresford Gahan Executive Engr. P.W.D. J. 14-9-91
Wallis Joseph William Military Clerk J. 10-3-19
Walmsley Edwin Military Clerk J. 13-7-85
Walters Elijah Soldier I. 21-8-65 Rj. 17-6-72
Walther Carl Professor of Music I. 14-9-91
Wanstall Charles W.O. Comst. Department J. 14-3-92
Ward Frederick Herbert Tetley Assistant Home Department I. 28-6-20
Ward George Lieutenant H.E.I.C. Service I. 24-9-53
Warde Ellis Burroughes Soldier H.M's Army I. 15-8-61
Warde Leonard Ward Clerk I. 20-8-18
Warden Alfred Walter Captain I.C.S. I. 5-8-99
Warneford Reginald William H. Civil Engineer J. 11-8-02
Warner Charles Mark Ernest Assistant Surgeon, I.S.M.D. J. 13-11-16
Warren Charles Captain, H.M's Service J. 20-6-60
Warren Stanley Samuel Master Tailor I. 10-8-25
Watson Edward Hair Dresser J. 7-7-73
Watson Richard Merchant I. 20-6-82 Rj. 10-9-94
Watts Harry Military Clerk I. 12-6-99
Watts Herbert Ponsonby Captain I.A. I. 10-9-06
Waugh Robert Travers Military Clerk I. 9-4-06
Waugh Thomas George Bertram Military Clerk J. 11-5-96
Webber Joseph Head Master Christ Church School J. 14-6-97
Webber Stanley Thomas Bandmaster, Seaforth Highlanders I. 14-7-23
Webster Charles Thomas Sergeant R.A. I. 12-8-89
Welch Charles Trevor Captain I.A.R.O. I. 11-10-20
Welch George Job House Agent and Contractor J. 11-10-97 Rj. 14-5-06
Welch George Henry Clerk J. 26-7-09
Weldon Most Revd. Bishop Bishop of Calcutta -
Wells William George Dy. Examiner Military Accounts Department I. 30-9-10
Welner Hugh Ernest Assistant Foreign Political Department I. 10-7-16
Werge William Military Officer I. 3-7-52
West J.I. Manager Church Missionary Society J. 8-6-96
Western Charles Maximilian Thomas Captain I.A. I. 12-2-12 J. 13-9-20
Weston William Military Clerk Rj. 11-1-26
Westrap Albert James Govt. Telegraph Department I. 13-6-04
Wheatley George Assistant, Army Headquarters J. 10-10-21
Wheeler F. Sergeant Major Simla Volunteer Rifles J. 10-4-05
Whetham Lewis Charles Military Clerk I. 22-8-17
Whish Martin Boileau Captain H.E.I.C. Service J. 4-7-53
White Benjamin Joseph Tailor I.I. 7-8-54
White Charles Civil Engineer J. 11-6-00
White Daniel Richard Asst. Engineer P.W.D. J. 14-9-85
White Edward John Captain H.E.I.C. Service J. 4-8-56
White John Clerk I. 4-8-68
White William Arthur John Sergeant Clerk, Royal Air Force I. 12-5-24
Whitehouse James Ernest Engineer M.W.S. J. 13-11-05
Whitelaw Henry Military Clerk I. 12-4-20
Whiteley David Military Clerk I. 15-3-69
Whitlock Arthur Edward Schoolmaster J. 11-9-16
Wibley Charles Thomas Firm of Messrs Cooke & Kelvey J. 10-7-05
Wickes Charles H. Clerk J. 7-6-80
Wickham William Allan Military Clerk J. 11-8-84
Wickham William James Richard Lieut.-Colonel I.C.S. J. 8-6-03
Widger George William Broadwood Military Clerk I. 11-5-14 Rj. 14-7-19
Wiffen Charles Edward Tailor's Cutter I. 8-6-03 Rj. 27-4-08
Wigg Charles Assistant Callan & Co. J. 29-5-65
Wigley Frederick George Barrister-at-Law J. 29-5-65
Wigstrom R.B. Assistant Surgeon, 14th Dragoons J. 8-8-49
Willden Herbert Reeve Sergt. Farrier R.A. I. 9-10-93
Wilkinson James Elworthy Military Clerk J. 10-8-91
Wilks Bertie Sinclair Clerk I. 9-4-17
Williams Charles Beynon Civil Engineer I. 1-9-02
Williams Edward Vincent Military Clerk I. 11-8-19
Williams Henry Professor Music I. 19-7-75
Williams Joseph Alfred Clerk I. 11-4-92
Williams George I.C.S. J. 6-9-69
Williams George Lloyd Captain, 24th Foot J. 8-8-49
Williamson Ernest Staff Sergeant, I.M.I. I. 4-8-16
Wills Charles Edward Clerk J. 25-5-08 Rj. 10-1-21
Willson William Cater Military Clerk I. 6-7-63 Rj. 19-4-75
Wilsey Edward Owen Willasey Clerk I. 13-6-98
Wilson Arthur Bakewell Clerk I. 9-4-94 Rj. 12-6-99
Wilson Andrew Hogarth Chemist I. 29-8-04 Rj. 13-12-5
Wilson George Military Clerk I. 1-6-06 Rj. 12-6-99
Wilson Jarvie Webb Captain, I.A. I. 12-7-20
Wilson Stuart Clerk I. 24-4-99
Wilson William Henry Agent J. 6-6-64
Wilson William T. Architect J. 11-5-85
Wilsone Arthur Henry Clerk I. 14-9-85
Winn George Franklin Clerk J. 10-6-95
Winning Robert Reginald School Master I. 11-12-15
Wolseley Richard Surgeon R.A.M.C. J. 14-3-82
Wood Samuel George Clerk I. 4-9-71 Rj. 20-6-81
Wood Thomas School Master I. 2-5-53
Woodington Oliver Assistant Messrs Watts & Co. I. 8-6-96
Woodcock Reoben Wilfred Steward and Caterer J. 10-5-26
Woodthorpe Robert Gossett Colonel R.E. I. 11-8-90
Woodward Oscar Supdt. Kellner,s Refreshment rooms J. 11-5-96
Wright Cecil Francis Salisbury Clerk I. 13-7-85 Rj. 13-4-91
Wright James Quarter-Master Sergt. R.A. I. 12-10-96
Yard-Buller the Hon. John Reginald Lopes Captain, Scots Guards J. 11-8-02
Yates William Henry Surgeon I.M.S. J. 22-6-68
Yeatman Biggs Arthur Godolphin Colonel, R.A. J. 12-2-94
Young Harry Norman Captain, I.A. J. 14-5-06
Young James Lieutenant, 4th N.I. I. 16-8-49