Himalayan Brotherhood


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Members from May 1838 to close of 1839

* = Founders  I = Initiated  J = Joined  Rj = Re-joined

  Surname Given Name Profession or Occupation Date
* Blackburn W.S. Supdt. Rev. Dept. N.W.F.P J. 19-5-38
  Burnett Robert Lee Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 26-9-39
* Caplain J.W. Merchant J. 19-5-38
  Carr George Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 6-9-39
  Carte William Edward Surgeon H.E.I.C. Services I. 7-9-38
  Caulfield James Gordon Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 21-6-39
* Chisholm John Seton "Citizen of Calcutta" J. 19-5-38
  Christie James Deputy Collector Loodeanah I. 2-8-38
* Clarke D O'B No record J. 19-5-38
  Conlan Richard Edward Clerk I. 7-9-38
  Conlan Thomas No record J. 21-8-38
  Cox George No record J. 3-5-39
  Cox George Hamilton Capt. Invalid Establishment I. 21-8-38
  French Charles John Examiner of Accounts, N.W.P. I. 31-5-38
  Gordon Archibald Campbell Surgeon H.E.I.C. Services I. 18-10-39
  Gouland Henry Godfrey Clerk J. 8-6-39
  Hill George Mytton Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 19-7-39
  Hoff George Benjamin Assistant Examiner of Accounts N.W.P. I. 21-87-38
  Hoff John C. Clerk J. 2-8-39
* Hoff John Jacob Lowis No record J. 19-5-38
  Horn John Clerk J. 5-7-39
* Lemon J. No record J. 19-5-38
  Lindstedt Charles William Deputy Registrar Military Deptt. I. 3-5-39
* McDonald R. Barker No record J. 19-5-38
  Michell George Bruce Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 19-7-39
  Morris Augustus Burke Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services I. 20-9-39
  Seaton Douglas No record J. 3-5-39
  Sheetz James Sub-Medl. Department I. 12-10-38
  Staines James Henry Clerk Lt. Governor's Office J. 3-5-39
  Tapp H.T. Political Agent Subathu J. 7-9-38
  Taylor John No record No date
  Thompson George Powney Civil Service I. 21-6-39
  Torrens Henry Whitelock Deputy Secretary to Government of India, Secret and Political Department J. 21-6-39
  Webb Edward No record J. 3-5-39
  Wilson William  Sergeant, G.G's Band I. 5-7-39
  Wood John Sergeant, G.G's Band J. 8-6-39
  Woodcock William Henry Military Officer, H.E.I.C. Services J. 21-6-39

Wor. Brother John Faletti, M.V.O.
Past Master 1907-08. P.G.S.B. (Eng.) P.D.G.W. (Punjab)