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My British India Family History

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Map of Simla Area

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Map of Simla area

Map taken from "Flora Simlensis - A Handbook of the Flowering Plants of Simla and the Neighbourhood" by Col. Sir Henry Collett, K.C.B., F.L.S Bengal Army.

Description of the Map (as written in the book)

"The map ..... bears the names of the principle localities .....with their espective elevations. The rivers and streams are coloured blue, and the main roads yellow. Unfortunately the spelling of Indian geographical names is anything but uniform, and the spelling..... of several localities is so different from that on the map as to be unrecognisable to persons unversed in the vagaries of geographers and officials."

Baghi - Baggi, Bargi
Boileauganj - Boileaugunge
Chaog - Charaog
Choor - Chor Chur
Phagu - Fargoo, Fagoo
Giree - Giri
Gumbar - Gumber
Hatugarh - Huttoo,Hattoo, Hatu, Whattoo
Jako - Jacka, Chaka, Jakko
Jutog - Jutogh
Kair - Kairi
Kotgarh - Kotgurgh, Kotgerh, Kotgorh
Matiana - Matteana
Mahasu - Mahassoo
Mashobra - Mushobra
Naldera - Nahi Dehra
Narkanda - Narkunda, Nagkunda
Paternalla - Patarnala
Sainj - Synj
Subathu - Subathoo, Soobathoo, Subathoo
Soongri - Sungree
Sairi - Syree

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