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Himalayan Brotherhood


Members from May 1838 to close of 1839 | 26 August 1841 - 18 August 1847 | 8 August 1849 - End May 1927 | List Of Officers | Photographs
List Of Officers

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Office 1838-39 1839-40 1840-41 1841-42 1842-43 1843-44 1844-45
Master R.B. McDonald H.G. Gouland Lodge Closed from October 1839 to August 1841 J.T. Giels Lodge Closed from November 1841 to June 1843 J.G.W. Curtis C. Cox
Senior Warden W.S. Blackburn G. Cox P.W. Porter J.T. Giels W.Charde
Junior Warden D. O'B; Clarke D. Seaton W.Charde T. Riddell W.E. Caret
Treasurer J.W. Caplain C.J. French C.J. French W.Charde W.Charde W. Charde     J. Christie
Secretary J.S. Chisholm C.J. French C.J. French W.Charde W.Charde W. Charde     J. Christie
Senior Deacon - J.H. Staines G. Harriott W. Master R. Hill
Junior Deacon - H.W. Torrens - J. Christie J.C. Curtis
Inner Guard - J. Ho J. Christie J.H. Staines F.W. Ogilvie
Tyler - J. Wood - - -
Steward - - - - G.E. Pool

Office 1845-46 1846-47 1847-48 1848-49 1849-50 1850-51 1851-52
Master J.B. Dodd J.J. Marshall    J.S. Chisholm There was no Installation and no officers were appointed this year. Lodge closed from 18th August 1847 to 8th August 1849. J.G.W. Curtis J. Bracken H.A. Ebden
Senior Warden J.S. Chisholm P. Innes        J.W. Drummond R.B. Wigstrom E.D. Byng H.B. Riddell  E.J. Simpson
Junior Warden G. Bourchier P. Petrovitz    H.B. Riddell E.D. Byng H.B. Riddell G.E. Pool
Treasurer J. Christie W. Charde W.H.Emmerson W. Charde W. Charde W. Charde      T. Graham
Secretary J. Christie W. Charde W.H.Emmerson W. Charde W. Charde W. Charde     H. Tapp
Senior Deacon W. Charde H.O. Gaynor E.D. Hale - H.W. Bunbury A. Pearson
Junior Deacon C.E. Davidson E.C. Mullen  C.W. Russell - H.A. Ebden T. Graham
Inner Guard - H. Tapp - P. Goldney -
Tyler A. Jenkins G. Dupuis J. Walker J. Walker J. Walker
Steward G.E. Pool - - - -

Office 1852-53 1853-54 1854-55 1855-56 1856-57 1857-58 1858-59
Master J.A.D. Fergusson J. Mackenzie G. Jeffrey Lord W. Hay J. Mackenzie Lodge Closed from November 1856 to March 1858 H. Tapp
Senior Warden E.C. Thorp C.E. Davison T. Graham W.A. Houghton H. Tapp S.R. Beechey
Junior Warden E. Oakes H. Tapp Lord W. Hay T. Wood D. Briggs        J.H. Maxwell F.D. Vivian        A.B. Fenwick
Treasurer T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham
Secretary J.Walker T. Graham           T. Wood T. Wood H. Tapp H. Tapp T. Murray
Senior Deacon J.F. Pogson C.L. Montgomery F. Perry W.E. Ball F.W. Drummond J.P. Caulfield
Junior Deacon J.A. Guest F.D. Vivian J. Cockerell B.J. White E.J. White H.M. Caulfield
Inner Guard F.D. Vivian W.A. Hoghton A. Callander S.R. Beechey F.W. Vivian Lord F. Hay
Tyler J. Walker J. Goulding T. Fleming R.J. Quinnell C.W. de Russett C.W. de Russett
Steward - - - - F.D. Vivian F.D. Vivian

Office 1859-60 1860-61 1861-62 1862-63 1863-64 1864-65 1865-66
Master W.A. Hoghton   J.C. Curtis T. Fleming M. Clarke T. Wood T. Wood T. Wood J.H. Grant
Senior Warden T. Fleming F.D. Daly G.N. Cheek J.C. Hamilton A.L.K. Quigley W.H. Bishop J.E. Cooke
Junior Warden J.P. Caulfield D.S. Henry A.L.K. Quigley J.G. Forbes J. Craddock C.H. Macleod R. Dixon
Treasurer T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham T. Graham
Secretary T.Wood            F.D. Daly F.D. Daly F.D. Daly W.R. Lewsey C.H. Macleod W.C. Willson J.E. Cooke
Senior Deacon E.G. Higgins J.A.B. Campbell A.R.P. Cecil T. Cooke T. Cooke R. Dixon W. Hill
Junior Deacon D.S. Henry G.N. Cheek W. Lemon - G.E. Campbell G.H. Waller A. Lyons
Organist - - - - F.S. Cockburn F.S. Cockburn J. Elston
Inner Guard C.W. de Russett W. Lemon R. Hill - W.H. Bishop A. Lyons W.C. Willson
Tyler T. Murray T.Murray T. Cooke - R. Moorman R. Moorman R.Moorman        H. Gaunt
Steward T. Murray T.Murray T. Cooke - R. Moorman R. Moorman R.Moorman        H. Gaunt

Office 1866-67 1867-68 1868-69 1869-70 1870-71 1871-72 1872-73
Master J.E. Cooke J.E. Cooke T.M. Bleckley T.G. Gardiner W.E. Ball H.R. Cooke A. Lister
Senior Warden G.H. Waller A. Lyons H.R. Cooke D.S. Henry A.C. Cregeen A. Lister G.Hawksworth
Junior Warden W. Hill H.R. Cooke G.E. Campbell C.H. Levinge F.D. Daly W.J. Haverty J.I. Phelps
Treasurer T. Graham T. Graham C.H. Levinge C.H. Levinge C.H. Levinge C.H. Levinge B.L. Freeman
Secretary G.H. Waller W. Newman W. Newman G.Hawksworth G.Hawksworth G.Hawksworth P.J. Coyne
SeniorDeacon W.C. Willson H. Smith         R.G.Macdonald T. Bell W.B. Davies W.J. Haverty J.I. Phelps G.C.Caldecourt
Junior Deacon H. Smith E.T. O'Connor W.B. Davies T. Jameson J.I. Phelps G.C.Caldecourt W. Cotton
Organist J. Elston J. Elston J. Elston J. Elston - W. Mack F.S. Cockburn
Inner Guard G.E. Campbell J.A.S. Ellis W. Yates J. White W. Cotton F.W. deMonte A. Jones
Tyler H. Gaunt P.J. Coyne P.J. Coyne P.J. Coyne P.J. Coyne P.J. Coyne F.von Goldstein
Steward H. Gaunt - - W.J. Haverty - - -

Office 1873-74 1874-75 1875-76 1876-77 1877-78 1878-79 1879-80
Master A. Litster F. von Goldstein A. Litster J. Robertson W.C. Willson T.W. Rawlins G.H.M. Batten
Senior Warden P.J. Coyne C.J. Marsden G.C. Rivers W.C. Willson R. Burton G.H.M.Batten  J.B. Hamilton
Junior Warden G.C.Caldecourt T. Jameson J. Robertson J. Hopkins W.L. Francis J.L. Walker C.C. Clavering
Treasurer B.L. Freeman A. Litster T. Jameson B.L. Freeman B.L. Freeman B.L. Freeman W.C. Willson
Secretary G. Wallace P.J. Coyne P.J. Coyne B.L. Freeman W.L. Francis H. Elkington B.L. Freeman W. Anderson
Senior Deacon A. Jones B. Francis       T. Morris T.E.G. Cooper R. Burton C.S. McRae E.J. Topple G.C. Caldecourt
Junior Deacon C.J. Marsden T. Morris        G.C. Rivers E.S.P. Atkinson A. Baker C.C.Clavering C.C.Clavering W.M. Towelle
Organist - W. McCarthy - - - - -
Inner Guard B. Francis E.W. Symes R. Burton C.S. McRae W. Stephen W.M.Towelle J.B.Cowmeadow
Tyler F. von Goldstein A.L.K. Quigley A.L.K.Quigley       J. Flight A.L.K.Quigley W. Anderson W. Anderson C.S. McRae
Steward - - F. von Goldstein C. Grinter - F. von Goldstein -
P.M.I. Steward - - - - W.C. Willson W.C. Willson F.von Goldstein