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My British India Family History

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Used and Antiquarian Books

Books I have Read and Recommend

AITKEN,Edward Hamilton "EHA." - The Tribes on My Frontier: An Indian Naturalist's Foreign Policy.

Calcutta: Thacker,Spink & Co. Many humorous sketches by F. C. Macrae. The author was a naturalist who served in the Indian government and also edited the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. He first published these sketches in the Times of India. The book was very popular,being reprinted as late as 1920. It describes the vermin and other beasts that a startled Anglo-Indian resident might come upon in and around his bungalow during the course of a year. Both the text and illustrations are droll and informative. Casey A. Wood ventures a rare subjective comment in his annotation: "[The pieces] are irresistibly funny in description (of the various small animals and insects encountered by the author) and illustration,but full of genuine science too." [Casey Wood,pp. 182-183.] Natural History. Macrae, F. C.


London W. Thacker & Co. "As 'THE TRIBES ON MY FRONTIER' graphically and humorously described the animal surroundings of an Indian Bungalow, this work describes in the same way the Human Officials thereof, with their peculiarities, idiosyncrasies and, to the European, strange methods of duty." "These papers appeared in the Times of India, and were written, of course, for the Bombay Presidency."


London John Murray 1926 including all British India, the Portugese and French possessions, and the Indian States. Twelfth edition, with 86 maps and plans,some coloured, including large general folding map in rear pocket. A very substantial and detailed guide-book covering a large area.

RUSSELL, R.V., Edited By Central Provinces Gazetteers, Saugor District.

Allahabad: Pioneer Press, 1907. Double page coloured map - with much on history, geology, botany, caste, social life, customs, statistics, history of famines etc etc - somewhat uncommon and with a wealth of information.

On my bookshelf waiting for me to read are...

Aitken,E.H."EHA" - A NATURALIST ON THE PROWL:OR IN THE JUNGLE. London, Thacker (1923). Delightfully written and illustrated exposition of natural history in India, or more precisely, 'the glorious forests of North Canara on the west coast'. These are the days when naturalists also partook in hunting or otherwise collecting any species which crossed their path as a trophy for further inspection. Thus we hear of the demise of the King Cobra, and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek panther hunt.

Aitken,E.H "EHA" Concerning Animals and other Matters. With a Memoir of EHA by W Bannerman.Murray 1914. xxv The colonist as naturalist.

Yeldham, Walter : Lays of Ind / by Aliph Cheem [pseud.].
Calcutta : Thacker, Spink and co. Comic satirical and descriptive poems illustrative of English life in India.

Collett, H., Illustrated by M. Smith. Flora Simlensis, a Handbook of the Flowering Plants of Simla and the Neighbourhood. Calcutta: Thacker, Spink & Co. 1921.

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